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    I’m often frustrated when I hear people saying things like, “Flyer marketing doesn’t work, I’ve tried it twice before”, or “We tried radio ads, but they were a waste of money”, etc., without giving any thought to the fact that maybe the method was fine, but something they did was wrong.

    In my experience, most people tend to jump into all types of marketing campaigns and just expect that because they spent the money, leads and sales will magically appear. But as most small (and big) business owners know, this is not always the case.

    For instance, you could spend $50,000 on designing, printing and distributing a stack of flyers, and the difference between making a profit and a loss could be as basic as:

    • Using a different photo
    • Using more engaging language to say the same thing
    • Changing the colours
    • The quality of the paper
    • Unintentionally being culturally insensitive

    And the list goes on. The same goes with all forms of marketing.

    So what’s my point?
    It’s easy to write off certain marketing channels because you ran a dud campaign, but more often than not, I’d suggest that maybe the problem is with the message, rather than the messenger.

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    You’re so right – and I have been guilty of making such comments about certain marketing efforts, only to finally accept that my idea of what should work simply wasn’t so.

    This forum actually has provided me with such invaluable information about the ‘message’, what works & what doesn’t that I have been able to revisit certain marketing types with far more success than earlier attempts, and often it has been a fairly minor/simple change that’s made all the difference.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences with this Jacqui. One of the things we love about this community is the way that it generates exactly that kind of “give it a go – and then give it another go” attitude.

    And Steve, thanks for pointing out the elephant in the room! We do seem to have a lot of conversations about the medium around here, and rather fewer about the message. Granted I’m biased because I’m in marketing, and my whole business revolves around helping people get their messaging right, but I’m really glad you made this point!


    Shaukat Adam Khalid
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    The winning formula in marketing:

    right message to the right market with the right media.

    If anyone of the three is out of whack, $$$ is being wasted or underutilised.

    Note that media is last and the ones who complain the most about weak results usually only consider media and disregard the message altogether.

    High ROI marketing is more formulaic and systematic than creative.

    To me, marketing’s role is to replace sales or at least attract pre sold customers who just need clarification. This includes complex sales.

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    I honestly don’t believe there is a bad marketing technique out there, except social media :rolleyes: (of course I am kidding before we start a war)

    and I totally agree with you BP.

    It is all about the execution and the audience – understand those and number 3, consistency.

    Do you think if the mattress companies did one flyer drop and stopped they would be happy with the results – people might only replace their mattress every 10 years, that’s 10 years of marketing required to get the result

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    Even within the channel there are slight differences that could make all the difference. Imagine trying to target kids on Facebook?? You are technically not allowed to be on Facebook till your 13.

    Whereas if you try and sell your hand made products on Etsy – you will more likely than not be more successful than selling it on eBay because of the type of customers on those sites.

    Not understanding where your target market is also a huge problem.

    Great points guys :)

    Thanks for reading,


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