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    I have been approached by bronto and want to see what alternatives there are. I’m not entirely sure what I am looking for but I would like segmentation and automated campaigns and something that is geared for ecommerce stores.

    I don’t know how much you can automate the campaigns.

    Can you set it up to auto send new products/new deals, or dynamically select products that are related to the customers previous purchase?

    Basically I have neglected my email list, I have around 25k on the list but havent sent out something in about a year. I am using a php script which is not very good and its too time consuming to make a newsletter and send it out, there are no segmentation and automation options. If its possible to set it and let it do its thing, it would be ideal for me. I want to maintain our relationship with our customers and I think email is a key option.

    How much am I looking for cost and what options are available?

    As you can tell, I have a lot to learn, feel free to enlighten me.

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    Mailchimp has segmentations (as do most email list providers). You can segment by anything you have data on, e.g. gender, birthdays, gold customers, the form where they subscribed – anything. You just need to collect the data or set up hidden fields to tag it with your own data.

    It’s a big learning curve. Time and willing but no money? Learn. You’ll impress yourself. Money but no time or patience? Pay someone but understand what you want – your strategy.

    MailChimp also has automation. You can send emails/newsletters and therefore anything that could be contained therein from standard text to images to links with tracking to offers, etc. I think your first job might be to clean the list if it is a year old. There are laws about reasonable lengths to hold data so you need to refresh it, yet the subscribers haven’t had anything of value for a year so you can’t do what people do with an active list, which is to ask people genuinely interested to re-opt-in to clean the list. MailChimp will clean automatically if the email bounces a few times. However, that’s a big expense now (25k subscribers) on most platforms so I’d be wanting to make sure I can drop the package down to a lower price bracket when the inevitable happens. MailChimp allows this. You can also pay per email but economies of scale mean starting on a paid monthly is probably best.

    MailChimp newsletters are responsive and are really nicely laid out.

    There’s some thought from me. Hope they help.

    Warren Cottis
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    With a NEGLECTED email list of 25,000 you possibly have Hidden Gold.

    Based on what you have written you are out of your depth… and you agree

    It seems to me that your question is… Does anyone know an expert at extracting Gold from stale email lists?

    Stuart B
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    Mailchimp is really good and has some automation capabilities. Infusionsoft has some amazing automation features which could do all the things you’re talking about too but it’s quite a bit more expensive.

    If your email list is that cold you’re definitely going to have to re-qualify them all otherwise any decent email provider is going to ban you quickly as a result of elevated complaint levels.

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    I agree with Warren, sounds like you need the help from someone in the field to build some form of drip campaign to nurture customers after they sign up.

    You can then also setup new product notifications as they happen.

    Something like, send x email 14 days after join, x email after 30 days, and new product notifications on the off weeks (which you’d have to type out yourself..)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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