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    Hi, guys. I am just starting and have some doubts concerning shipping.

    I’ve been reading some threads and suggestions but I would be very thankful for suggestions/recommendations.

    I have been struggling with the following:
    1- for safety reasons, can I ship a parcel without including my details on the parcel? I have noticed that while buying on other websites such as Ebay / Amazon, for instance.

    2- As I am new, who do you think I should read/learn from? (I would like to spend less on shipping as the items i am working with are small)

    I really appreciate your time and help,

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    You can ship without your return address on the package, but it is not a good look for a business. If you are going into business then do it in a professional way. Get a PO box if necessary.

    That said, there are actually regulations for labelling, so if your products have been packed in Australia they must have a label on them showing the packers (yours if you have packed it) name and address in case there is a problem with a product and authorities have to trace, or get involved legally.

    And, do you not have your phone and address on your website? If you don’t how would you expect customers to trust you.

    Many products are shipping without the legal labelling on those websites, that doesn’t mean it is ok.

    The chance of a customer coming to your address is so small that it is not worth worrying about, no-one wants to go to a strangers home unannounced. As long as you have at least one easy way of customers to get in touch with you that is what they will use.

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    To add to [USER=28171]@Rowan@quaotic[/USER] comments, with no return address Australia Post or a courier will have no where to return an item, if for some reason it can’t be delivered.

    In regards to your second question, define small, and define the value of the items. If the item is ”small” as in envelope size, but worth a thousand dollars, then I would be paying for gold class postage. If it is ”small” and worth 50 cents and it gets lost in the mail, no great loss possibly. I don’t send any items (even letter size), without tracking and have never lost one, but people who send untracked have ”lost” a lot. If a client doesnt want to pay the postage with tracking, I don’t want them as a client. Less headaches for me.

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    Hi, guys. I really appreciate your time.
    I am trying to make an extra income by selling items online not a professional business yet (They are small things such as shoes and electronic devices which are not that expensive, 60$ top and smaller than a shoe box) To avoid paying fees and making it simple and easy, I just use Marketplace/Gumtree as I am still learning and comparing pros and cons.

    I am reading from forums and couriers to spend less money as possible but at the same time I truly want to make the customer happy as I analyse if I can trust in the company and the time for delivery..

    I have purchased some items from Ebay/Amazon. Interestingly, when I saw the label my details were included but not the seller’s. That’s why I am having these doubts..And I agree as what if the item is not delivered. How could it be returned to me? By talking or having an agreement with the courier?

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    I recommend you find a good courier service, or simply stick with Australia Post. They will create the barcoded labels in compliance with all regulations. You can also try a courier aggregator, such as oneworldcourier, or Inxpress. They have all the major couriers and you can compare prices on each shipment. Their systems will be totally compliant. But they will not accept a PO box as an address. As per the previous advice, be honest. State your real address.

    Please note; the couriers will charge if they attempt a delivery and they cannot deliver (futile delivery – TNT charge $20), and that will be charged to your account. For small and cheap items Aus Post is probably the best service for you.

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    Thanks for sharing useful information.

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