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    Hi there.
    I am starting up my own edible icing image business. I have the ABN, business name, tools and equipment. What I am struggling with is knowing what I can and can’t sell as far as images.
    I have Googled myself ragged looking how to obtain a license from Disney, Marvel etc
    I have no idea where I can get images that I can print onto edible icing and sell. Please help if you can.

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    I doubt you will be able to get Disney and similar licences, I hear they are difficult and very expensive. Don’t take chances with copyrighted and trademarked images – the companies don’t have to send you a cease and desist first, they can (and do) go straight to legal action.

    For really nice images you can buy cheap ones to use commercially off Etsy and places like Creative Fabrica. Just type in digital image download, or sublimation design into Etsy and you can find some great images you can use to print on your icing. I print on t-shirts/mugs etc and I get some of my images off those places, as well as creating my own images with my software.

    Dave Gillen – FS Concierge
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    Hi [USER=115736]@Nattymuk[/USER],

    Consider using images submitted by customers (photos of people etc) or artwork by individual artists or illustrators that you could license cheaply?


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    Hi [USER=115736]@Nattymuk[/USER]

    As Rowan mentioned above, using images that are the copyright of others (or in some cases, registered trademarks) is potentially a big risk if you don’t have permission and obtaining that permission can be costly/difficult. For Disney – check out https://www.disneystudiolicensing.com/ and for Marvel check out https://www.marvel.com/help/category/11

    What you can/can’t sell (from a copyright legal perspective – noting this is in brief/general form and provided as information not advice) are things you’ve authored or illustrated yourself, in which case you would likely be the copyright owner, or things you’ve got a licence to use – be that from a big character company like Disney, or via a smaller operator such as someone on Etsy etc.

    If you source something from an Etsy (or similar) provider, that resembles a known Disney/Marvel character – do so carefully and understanding the risks… if, purely as an example, an Etsy providers sells you a Mickey Mouse character design, your use and reproduction could still be a copyright infringement. Purchasing an infringing copy is not in itself a defence to infringement claims. Tread with caution with any imagery of another source’s, read ts & cs and licensing terms carefully.

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