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    I’d love to hear from other people on my business idea.

    I come from 15+ years experience in Marketing, and last year started my own online jewellery store. I built it up to be reasonably successful, but had a newborn at the time, and could no longer sustain the late nights packing out orders and keeping up with Social Media.

    One thing which was too hard to find the time for was Email Marketing.

    I am wondering if there are others with online stores that also recognise the potential of Email Marketing to grow sales, but just don’t have the time to put into setting up welcome sequences, automation, abandoned card, etc. (or don’t know how to do it).

    If this sounds like you – would you consider paying for someone to set it up for you?

    If not, what are your key objections around such a service?

    Thanks so much in advance,
    Poppy :-)

    Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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    Welcome aboard Poppy!

    These services certainly exist already, and I’d say there are many people who are in this boat (don’t have the time or expertise). Cost is one obvious objection (especially since the cost is usually ongoing) and it will be hard for some to quantify the value of email marketing in dollar terms to their business.

    Did you hire someone to do it for you at the time? If not, what objections did you have?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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