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    Hello my name is Mike Currell and like everyone says…wow what a great forum!
    Sorry to grab your attention in such a way however, since your here, this is what I do!
    After a long carreer in Radio..2GO, 3BO, 4GG, 2DAY FM, 4IP etc and WIN Television as a Producer/Director I can now offer a range of media friendly services including –
    High Quality Videographics (our cashflow was to be weddings however in this economic environment, the “Video” like the “Limo” is the first thing to be trimmed!) So you may be interested in our Corporate Video Packages or streaming video for the Web?
    Voice overs for Radio and TV, the Web, Audio Visual Presentations, Documentary etc Check out our site re the technical side of things, we have state of the art gear and nothing is impossible!
    Music/Marketing on Hold. This is an effective way to market your business while putting people on hold. The idea is to only put them on hold for 30 to 40 seconds and in that time have 3 or 4 promotional messages or product specials presented in a warm professional manner with music. Our music is royalty free so there is only a one time low cost for set up. I keep the “skeleton” on file so when you want to change a weekly special or part of the message, the change or script can be emailed to me, I then email you a MP3 file for the “Flash” MOH system that we can supply. Ya Da Ya Da Ya Da….Different systems are available.
    It’s all on my website so go there if I can be of help. My prices for voice over and Marketing on Hold are insane and samples are on the site. If you cant download the samples, I will gladly post an Audio Demo or DVD for Videographics.
    Cheers and I hope I haven’t overstepped the mark in trying to gratuitously promote myself!

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