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    I run a company which does lighting for weddings, events etc. I have hired casual staff for two years and I want to hire some permanent manager in September. The problem is that the work is irregular, meaning one week its 40hours a week, next week 15 hours, or for November I could have 40 hours a week on average but January this could fall back down to 20. I know the average amount of hours a week, for example 30 hours over a 9 month period I could employ them for, and pay for this and any extra work they could have time off in lieu in the not so busy weeks obviously this would have to be dictated by how busy it was, they are still getting the same wage. Not sure what my award fits under as it is decor/ wedding stylist lighting, but I’m so eager to employ a manager permanently, I have a high turnover of casual workers, who leave me without any notice, to travel etc. leaves me very stressed. When I was a support worker, we have this option, the same as above but I didnt know the procedure with different awards, and I really want to hire someone permanent, and I think they would be ok with the irregular hours if they knew that they were getting a stable income out of it, although hours would vary

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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