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    First Up, I must say I’m loving this site..

    When your setting up your business do you consider the environmental impact?
    Or to put this another way,
    How much attention do you give your potential ongoing operating costs?

    When setting up is the optimal time to consider the environmental impact, why? When a business is up and running it can be difficult to change habits and the way business is done, not impossible, but more effort is required to change process and create habits.

    What I do hear a lot is “but that’s the way we’ve always done it”. (Up goes the brick wall)

    At start-up “A stitch in time saves nine”, a little effort now, can pay off big in the long term. We need to be looking at the long term picture, so the business model that is set-up is sustainable and maximises profits through efficiency. Especially when small and margins are tight.

    Take LED lighting,
    The globes are more expensive, true. But take the long term approach, are they more expensive?

    Cost a couple $$ more than a CFL or Halogen, sure
    LED Lasts longer, saving replacement costs, replacement time (Don’t forget Time, your time is money)
    LED use less energy, saving operating costs (Quite a lot less to operate, I switched over a set of 4, saving about $60 / year)

    Now to back solve, those halogens, which are $2-$3 cheaper than the LED’s are actually about $15-$20 more expensive, using operating and replacement costs.

    Now apply the methodology to everything, Paper, Waste, Water, Heating, Cooling, Freight.

    Sure, your widgets come cheap, but there is a lot of packaging that you need to dispose of, Waste disposal charges, storage until disposal, time take to then dispose, is it really cheaper?

    Now I’m all for being green, but there is a way to do it that has a cost benefit to business that out weighs the warm fuzzy feelings, it makes good business sense..

    Tell people your Green and Environmentally Friendly / Sustainable, but what your doing is making good business sense and controlling your operating costs.

    If anyone has any questions, post away… Or has some tips to share…

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