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    I am looking to start up my own small retail shop and would like to create a customer database of customers. I would like to have a loyality program and be able to email/mail/SMS people on my database with special offers and our monthly newsletter.

    I wondered if anyone else has set something simular up and can give me any pointers? Should i use a Quickbooks/MYOB customer database? Should my loyality card have barcodes on or membership numbers?

    I would like to have records of what my customers purchase. I think it is important to develop my new business to have such a database, so i can see trends, etc and target certain customers with items they purchase.

    I also really want my shop to be personalised and offer great customer service which will keep people coming back. I would be making sure i get their consent for contacting them.

    Any advice would be appreciated :)

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    My local laundromat has a loyalty card app, where you scan in when you visit or purchase a wash, and you get the 5th wash for free.

    I cant for the life of me remember what the apps called. It might be PointPal. You could possibly do a deal where if they spend more than $50 they get 10% off (or something). Im sure the program would let you do that.

    However, I found this article which might be helpful (more cafe based):
    Smartphones set to punch out cafe coupon cards

    I think the best thing to start with would be to set up a MailChimp or similar email program, and then get your customers to fill in their details in store if they want to. Then add them in manually later on, so they get your newsletter when you send it out.

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    Hi ‘Busy working mum’ – it’s great to see you’re trying things even with kids!

    A few things you could try:

    • http://www.shopify.com/ – This is a great tool to make your own online shop and starts at only $29 a month. It’s quite easy to work out yourself and feel free to PM or facebook me with questions
    • Use facebook to build a client base – there’s definitely value in email marketing still but the world is changing and I’d recommend growing a loyal facebook fan page instead. This way you can post product reviews, chat with clients, address issues that people have, post product videos etc… (I post some tips on using facebook on my business facebook page if you’re interseted in going down this road (just ‘like’ the page at http://www.facebook.com/zigg.com.au)

    [*]XERO accounting – I’d recommend using Xero rather than the tradtional ones. This one is completely online, simple, and automatically pulls your transactions from your bank accounts

    All the best with your home business! It’s great to see that you’re giving things a go!

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    Good on you for establishing a DB

    It represents HUGE value.

    Look for point of sale systems that allow you to capture this data. This is different to any accounting software.

    I have many clients who use their databases to SMS to it and reap the rewards of this form on direct communication. Far better than any social media can achieve (as it is fed directly to their handset and gets read!)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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