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    Hi everyone,

    We’re a startup and are looking for examples of organisations that have/are utilising more and more of their data to provide useful insight into their activities. This is for a White Paper that we’re putting together and need examples of how information is being put to use in organisations.

    You know more about your organisation than we do, so we could use some of your expertise (if OK!).

    Some examples could be in the areas of:
    – marketing and sales
    – customer care
    – manufacturing.

    Please help out if you can by emailing me directly at peter@datazumii.com

    Peter Antony

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    Hi Peter, and welcome to Flying Solo :)

    We usually find the community here is most willing to share their experiences after they understand more about what the information will be used for, so if you could please update this thread with more details of both your business and your plans for the info you’ve requested, I think you’ll get more responses.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Thanks for the feedback Jayne.

    Datazumii is in startup phase and we believe that data can be used better by organisations to help them be more “data-smart”.

    More and more data is being collected and organisations are finding it difficult to get useful insight. The whitepaper aims to highlight this and will also demonstrate success stories where data has been used for actionable insights.

    Happy to provide more info. :-)

    Peter Antony

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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