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    Jason G.
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    I just want to address some of the things in this thread.

    Just to be 100% open I work full time with local businesses running marketing campaigns and I make full use facebook ads for 90% of this work. and taching others how to run Facebook ads. Sorry if this reads like an Ad I am just sharing real results to clear confusion.

    Firstly Facebook ads work, there is no if buts or maybes. The biggest issue is that a lot of business owners expect to be able to set up an ad on their own and have it return a positive ROI instantly.

    This will not happen unless you are very lucky, there just to many variables.

    I have one client that didn’t think Facebook ads work for her dentistry, she had spent of $1100 on ads and gotten not one client, and she was close to just closing the doors,so i offered to have a look.

    She had an ad that ran directly to her homepage of her business, mismatched targeting etc..

    NO incentive to come in and book TODAY, no special offer, no landing page that could take emails or contact details.

    I tweaked her offer, ran $250 bucks of ads and got 8 clients. I am now on retainer for her monthly and she has put on more staff.

    That is just one client. I wouldn’t have people paying me money each month if I wasn’t able to make money for them from facebook ads.

    It is a skill, it took me a long time to get where I am at, and a lot of study,

    Here is a screen shot one campaign from a Physio that collected over 500 leads from a spend of $270.

    This is not a gimmick or a fluke or some secret tricks. Its just markets that now how to use the tools such as FB ads and have marketing knowledge to apply with the tools.


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    Nick Brighton
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    Can I chime in here as well… I’m with Jason G. There seems to be this attitude that you can just run ads to a bunch of people you don’t know, and voila, they’ll whip out their credit cards on the spot!

    Humans just don’t work that way – ESPECIALLY on a platform like Facebook, where it’s a passive audience (i.e they’re not actively searching for your solution, or may not even be aware of the problem you’re trying to solve.)

    It’s the metaphorical equivalent to walking up to somebody at a bar, then asking if they’d like to jump into bed with you.

    Wouldn’t it be more effective to offer to buy a drink, or even just ask their name?

    That’s what most businesses fail to do. They want to jump into bed with someone who is busy looking at cute pictures of cats or complaining about the weather (on Facebook.)

    When really, they should be gently interrupting their otherwise boring day with something that makes them think, feel or dare I say it, smile, and gives them a reason to click on through to the next step – getting to know you.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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