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    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with dealing with fake reviews on either Facebook and/or Google?

    My daughter recently ‘acquired’ a stalker and when contact was cut off he decided the most convenient way to get at her was to target our business. He left a number of negative reviews on Google, but removed all but the latest one which is still there. I’ve flagged it but of course Google has done nothing. The same with Facebook. In the end I just had to remove the review box (which also removes the map) from our Facebook page as he just couldn’t resist posting negative reviews.

    Facebook has no option for reporting reviews if no comment is left. If, as this cretin did, someone leaves several 1 star ratings (in this case using fake accounts which are ‘private’) it immediately affects your rating and you have no comeback as you can’t even see the rating as it’s blocked from view. I’ve pinned an open letter to the top of our timeline explaining the situation but this needed constant monitoring as unsavoury comments kept appearing under it on a daily basis. Blocking doesn’t work as numerous fake accounts were being created (usually in the name of family & friends).

    At least with Google I was able to leave a comment explaining the situation, inviting people to contact me for the Police report number as validation.

    I’m curious how others have handled this. Going by the online search I did, fake reviews seem to be a common enough occurrence.

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    That sounds horrible [USER=17814]@IronMaiden[/USER] ! I hope someone in our community is able to give you some helpful advice.

    Fingers crossed it’s all sorted out soon,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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