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    Linh Hoang
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    Hi everyone,

    I wish to get advices from your guys.
    I’ve just set up a Family trust and a company as a Trustee for the Trust. My question are:

    1. For saving tax through the Trust, do I have to do business with an ABN under Trust? What happens if I use the ABN of the company?

    2. Should I register an ABN under The trust or the company in order to do business? Btw Business name should be registered under Trust or company?

    3. about assets protection, I am confused that how Trust protect property? For example, (in case the business at risk) could a house will be protected If:
    – the house is hold by the Trust
    – the house is hold Under individual name of the company Director ( the trustee company)
    – the house is hold under Individual name of any beneficiaries of trust?

    Thanks so much
    Hope your guy have a great weekend.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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