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    1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)

    BROCHURE 1: http://goldcoastpets.com.au/gift/Brochure.pdf

    BROCHURE 2: http://goldcoastpets.com.au/gift/Brochure-HSIT.pdf

    2. What does your business do?

    Next year I am going to brand and put more focus upon the fact that my business can offer live in house sitting, overnight stays, doggie day care / baby sitting within YOUR (the client’s) home. With pet sitting (where I do once, twice or three times a day visits) being my secondary (yet still important) focus. Dog walking is my last focus.

    3. Who is your target market?

    Time for everyone to pretend they’re a pet parent who has a dog(s) with aggression issues towards other dogs, pet(s) requiring medication, elderly pet(s), young (puppy/kitten) or multi pet/species household (one dog, one cat and a bird).

    4. What specific concerns do you have?

    * That it shows the benefits (not features) to the pet parent…. basically more about you less about me..
    * That whilst it shows we do live in house sitting and overnight stays (and is our “specialty”), it doesn’t forsake the pet sitting side of my business

    Which one do you prefer ?

    Neither ?

    What would you change ?

    The differences are subtle between them. The green text on the front 3rd column is different between them as well as the pricing guide. Plus the 1st column (on the left second page) is different.

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    Hi Vanessa,
    First of all I’m a designer, so of what I have to say may seem a little harsh but it’s all constructive.

    I take it that this is your first draft and that you will do some more work on the design of the brochure, if it isn’t then I think that you should take on some advise, the first piece of which would be to employ a professional to put this together for you. It would be money well spent, consider it an investment in your business.

    As it stands I could not imagine that anybody would look at this flyer and then decide that the business seems professional and established enough to make them want let someone from that business into their home unsupervised. You need to be able to present your business in the most positive light.

    From my point of view this just looks like a sketch, a layout plan if you like.
    It looks like you want a A4 sheet that will fold to give you a 6 page (2 fold) brochure/flyer? If so, you need to think about how the reader will navigate the information. It’s almost there but i would consider having the contact details and possibly pricing on the back page which would be the middle column of the top spread. The bulk of the info would be on the bottom spread as you have it.

    I would generally be advocating for the use of white space but it this case it’s too literal, I would suggest a colour in the background to unify the pages… maybe consider some element such as the green and purple wave(or ribbon) from your website banner, a secondary graphic element such as this could be used to once again tie in the page aid with hierarchy navigation and add an dynamic element of interest.

    Be careful with text choice, alignment and spacing… try to make columns of text align. You shouldn’t use direct clippings from facebook, they will not be suitable for printing. You should retype those customer quotes. If you are determined to DIY, then do a google search for flyers or go to a hotel or tourist info place and grab a handful of examples, compare them with yours, analyse the positives and negatives regardless of the business.

    On a whole a think your messages are clear, the main problem is that I just don’t think too many people will take the time to read them, purely based on the presentation.

    Get a graphic designer to help you out, I’m sure it would be worth it.


    Stuart B
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    Hey there, I started off in graphic design and spent a number of years doing print work in this area before I got into web design… Pretty much I absolutely agree with everything propmedia said…

    I think that sending these fliers out would most be a waste of time because it doesn’t convey the sense of a professional business you can trust. It looks too backyard and people just aren’t going to trust it, or will assume that the products / services are inferior because of the presentation in the flier.

    I would assume that you’re doing this DIY because it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a professional to do it? However if you spend all that time doing it, and then sending it out places, and it generates absolutely no business then there’s probably no point in doing it anyway.

    Again this isn’t meant to be harsh, it’s meant to be just a heads up. If you went ahead with it anyway you’d find out all this stuff the hard way, but you would have invested a lot more time and effort before it failed.

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    Never fear… I’ll invest in a graphic designer next year.

    At least I know what I want in a brochure now. I’m a bit more clear-er at what I want to portray.

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