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    You know those times when you’ve been spending hours on a project and then when it gets to testing it out you wonder if you’re seeing the forest for the trees or is that the other way round? Well I have square monitor eyes at the moment.

    I’ve been busy launching the new online competitions and articles and have a sneaking feeling that I might be missing some typos, form malfunctions etc although it seems all fine to me. So some help with having a look and sharing feedback would be appreciated.

    Here’s the link: http://www.sheinspires.com.au/win

    I’ve launched two comps that are over $100 in value so they are 25 words or less and the pure luck one is under $100 as required for competitions and all have terms and conditions. I’m pretty comfortable with the mechanics of running a comp as I’ve done a few (they’re great for newsletter content, classified ad and social media content). It’s the part where the writer’s eyes glaze over and miss details that I’m concerned about.

    The troll jewellery online competition is just launched and what I’m most interested in having reviewed as the jewellery prize pack has been up for a week and entries are coming in alright and the spell check was clear (which sadly doesn’t completely check everything!).

    Your feedback would be welcomed, thanks for helping.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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