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    I am so glad to see you here. It must have been nerve wracking being up against people like that.

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    I know you probably don’t feel it at the moment, but I consider you to have had a victory.

    You can now get on with building your business and remember, from little things, big things grow.

    Your journey so far has been inspiring Jazzah. I can’t wait to catch up and see the shop next time I’m in Melbourne.

    Wendy (sending you virtual hugs)

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    Hi Jazzah,
    I’m with Wendy – it feels like a victory to me. Congratulations to you on getting through all this and coming out the other end with a workable solution.

    Deep breath, then onwards and upwards :)


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    Jazzah, I truly salute you. And I hope you tell EVERYBODY in your area what has happened to you.

    And I wanted to tell you something else.

    My uncle works as a project manager in construction (residential and commercial buildings) and one of his jobs is to order paint. Lots of paint. Sheetloads! When I started reading this thread, I checked in with him to ask what paint he uses. Well. Guess which company he orders from? ;)

    I told him of your plight and forwarded him this thread. I have now received word that not only is your story doing the rounds (no names, just a tale of a little guy being flattened by Dulux) but he has now put a blockade against the company and they are now ordering from another. I’m sure his move is just a dint to them but, hey, if I were running a business and lost a million dollar account, I’d be crying quietly somewhere.

    Just thought I should tell you.

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    Hi Jazzah,

    I’m with Wendy and Jayne – it’s a victory.

    So, take a deep breath, let it out, then step forward on the next part of the process to build your business! You now know what the ‘rules’ are (at least for now), so you can concentrate on progress. It’s tough to forget the crap you’ve been through, but it’s the best thing for you to do.

    And remember – we are all here to listen and give advice when you need it – as has been shown by the support so far.


Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)
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