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    I apologise in advance for my terrible grammar and sentence structure…it has been a few days of work and not much sleep…

    Hi flying solo members,

    I’m wanting to start a food delivery service for my neighbourhood and would like to here some feedback if possible. There are many students, elderly, and people without access to transport in the neighbourhood, it’s also a high density area, and restaurants are not in walking distance.

    I’m wanting to keep it very small and very simple (hence why I’m only focusing on only one neighbourhood initially, perhaps I may be limiting myself but I don’t have the financial means or employees to take on more at the moment…so far it is only me, my car and my mobile phone). I will want the business to grow eventually if successful, but I’m not wanting to turn it into a start-up like menu log or delivery hero. The idea is to keep it local.

    So how it will work:

    Customer calls me and places order and I go and pick up order from restaurant. I’ll have a business debit card to pay for the majority orders (most of the restaurants in my area accept card).

    I’ll then deliver the order to the customer, they pay me for the order in cash, as well as paying a delivery fee.

    Initially I will not be doing any marketing for the restaurants, but if it is a successful venture and if I can prove to restaurants that I’m providing them with extra business — I’ll definitely look into that for the future. Perhaps I can charge businesses a monthly fee for their logo to be featured on my web-site/facebook and fridge flyers.

    Potential problems:

    1- As it will only initially be me delivering the food (between the hours of 5pm – 11pm) I may not be able to answer all calls, I won’t have a voice msg system as this may get too tricky. Instead I’ll have a msg saying something like ‘lines are currently busy please call back soon and (company name) will happily take your order’.

    2- Customer doesn’t want to pay for their meal when it’s delivered – This is a problem that all restaurants who deliver might have therefore it will have to be a risk I’m willing to take.

    3- Customer is not happy with their food or something is missing from their order – I will have to mention in the FAQ’s section of the website/facebook that ‘we are not affiliated with any of the restaurants and therefore are not responsible for the quality or the contents of the order. And why we do our best to guarantee that your order is correct, you must contact the restaurant if you are not satisfied.’

    That’s all I can think of for now, of course there will be other risks — please feel free to attack my idea, any feedback is welcome!

    Thanks :)

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    I used to be a pizza delivery person and have often thought of the same business idea.

    I think that one of the problems you would come up against is misunderstandings in the ordering process. Unless you were intimately familiar with each restaurants menu the order process would take up a lot of time as customers often take many minutes to tell you what they want then change their minds, then decide that it is too expensive and want to change again, then ask you about specials… it goes on.

    I would suggest that the customer orders directly from the business then pays you a delivery fee ( and the order cost if they have not already paid over the phone) when you drop it off, then any mistakes are on their head.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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