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    I have been visiting this forum for a while but had not got around to actually introducing myself, so this is what I am now doing!
    I work with the management of online presence for business-which is actually a hugely interesting area because it presents the opportunity to forge a really effective business identity online. If you have been keeping up with recent developments you will have observed that marketing has moved into a whole new paradigm-to be successful a business has to devote a lot of attention to their online presence. Beginning with a nice clean, simple web site (Mobile responsive) the leveraging of social media accounts can then be integrated-when you then couple this with Facebook advertising and creative Video-based SEO really exciting results can be achieved-online marketing is tremendously dynamic. Australian business has been slow to realize the benefits of online marketing-especially localized business, but now I think the economic realities are forcing them to revise their ideas-the internet is no longer a side issue, it is where all the people are and how they search for goods and services-what are you doing to address this?

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    Hi Gogiver3,

    Thanks for introducing yourself – we’re thrilled you’re here. Next time you pop in, we’d also love it if you’d tell us your name ;)

    Looking forward to your input on our many chats about online matters.

    Welcome to the gang,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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