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    Attraction Marketing tip # 3

    Key 3 – Permission Marketing
    The most valuable asset you can own in business today is a database of prospective clients
    who have given you permission to market your services to them.

    You must focus on building a database … here is why … just because your prospective new client is
    looking for your service today does not mean they are ready to BUY your service today! If you do
    not capture them into your database, and receive their permission to market to them again then you
    will miss the magic in marketing that can make your business so much more profitable.
    Keep in mind,SUCCESSFUL marketing is a process.
    Always keep TOMA in the mind of your database, so they will only think of you when the time for doing business is right for them.

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    Carbonite Australia
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    Carbonite (Online Backup) offers a free 30 day trial. As part of trialling Carbonite you give up your email address. During the course of your 30 day trial we email you about 5-6 times.

    The conversion rates are OK but growing and we are tweaking the communication regularly to see if it makes any difference.

    What I have found (and the reason why I have commented) is that when someone visits your site they come with an intention to learn more, test and/or even buy. With something like Carbonite, if we don’t get them to convert in 30 days, it is hihgly unlikely they will buy later. Some might but we need to get them to convert when they are in the process of trialling us. That is when they are thinking about online backup. After 3 or 6 months, they have moved on. We find that with longer trials in fact. The conversion rates on longer trials are lower because the urgency to buy has passed.

    So although gathering a database is great, simply sending someone an email about what is new every month etc, doesn’t mean they will necessarily read even if they once visited your site.

    Anyway that is my 2 cents worth on using databases.

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    It will so useful giving the strategies of marketing through the CD’s…..
    Useful to building the marketing. I too got an ideas and new information about the Marketing Strategies from the site http://www.gentlerainmarketing.com.

    Gentlerainmarketing – Marketing ideas,Marketing strategies,lead generation,new clients

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