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    Hi there,

    We have just launched a beta version of our website and we have a couple of advertising spots available for a complimentary service to ours. Our service is aimed at having a private chef or catering service at an event.

    We dont have much traffic (as we havent started actively marketing yet) which is why the spots are going free. Were looking to build the service and we think it would help promote a more professional image if we have some complimentary advertising on ther site, plus it will fill in the blank spaces.

    The spaces are:
    Home page – Medium rectangle 250px x 300px
    Search page x 2 – Wide skyscraper 160px x 600px

    You would need to provide the adverts (only static at this point i.e. png, jpg format) and the link to your website. Theyll need to look fairly professional to be considered (not like those “Congratulations! your the 1 millionth customer..” ads we all hate)

    Our site is popupchef.com.au if you want to check us out.

    If you think you have a complimentary service and are interested in some free advertising please let us know.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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