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    How large is large, how heavy and can the goods be shipped in smaller but more boxes?

    For small orders there is often no advantage in using a freight forwarder as they often charge minimums that mean you are paying some fees whether you use them or not. I am talking somewhere less than say 100kg, in general.

    It is entirely possible that a courier can do this for you and perhaps an initial step would be to see if the factory has a relationship with a courier like DHL FedEx etc. If so they may have a good rate available to them. That takes care of the need for a broker and gets delivery to your door.

    There is also EMS, but from China that can be quite slow and the delivery timeframes are not as reliable as the couriers.

    There is a guy on here Petemac, who does air freight. Maybe worthwhile talking to him as well.

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    Hi slacky741,

    Johny has kicked things off with some great advice for you there – I hope it is helpful to you, and there may well be more info heading your way from the brains trust around here soon.

    In the meantime, please feel free to tell us more about yourself and your business – we’re all very friendly and looking forward to getting to know you.

    Welcome aboard,

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    Hi , this sounds like it is a simple pick up from factory and deliver to you door type shipment which is easily arranged. I always find it is easier to talk thes things through so if you want to give me a call on 0418 696 626 happy to help with some advice.



    slacky741, post: 195498 wrote:
    Thanks guys for getting back to me I’m not entirely sure on the size yet as iv never ordered this amount before and because where I’ll actually be getting them from won’t be the actual company themselves but the factory that makes one of their brands, I know that one case of 72 controllers directly from them in the US comes in the box about 33cmx68cmx22cm. Although they are saying now the max i can order is 62 to fit through USPS size restrictions. 62 of these controllers costs about $175 ($2.8ea) however shipping on this is about $140 almost doubling the items cost price.

    Compared to my competitors they would be sourcing these direct from china however are unbranded and have no packaging.

    Basically i used to be able to get triple that amount sent in a single box sent from the US (they didn’t realise there was size restrictions) which kept going through and so about 215 controllers for $2.6 each and shipping cost me only about $200 which was less than half the product value which i was reasonable and even though i was still probably paying a little more than my competitors i still sold a lot due to my products being branded.

    My supplier isn’t the greatest communicator and it has taken me a long time to convince them to do this for me, basically what they have said they would do it on their next container load to be shipped to the US they can leave my quantity in china, so my guess it may be left at a port.

    Basically all i know is the price of the 504 are 1.8 each coming to about $1000aud and weight would probably only be about 70-80kg (this is working out myself by the weight of one). Even if tax, duties and getting them picked up and shipped to me cost me another $1000 on top of that (i’m hoping it won’t be that much) it still works out considerably cheaper per unit. I’m fairly small business but i am registered for GST so that component i can also claim back. (in the past i have never had this applied as my orders were through the US postal system under $1000)

    The problem is It’s a bit hard to get exact information off them yet until i have actually confirmed the order as they will then need to order it themselves, as the place I’ll actually be getting it from isn’t my suppliers company but a factory that makes just one of their brands. However if this works out I’ll be able to order a load of different products and get a container and bring them in considerably cheaper then if i was getting them from US with size restrictions.

    They order in 2 weeks and are asking for a deposit and then full payment up front before picking the item up, i hope they give me a bit more information before then because it makes it a bit hard to make inquiries with a forwarder with little information.

    Stressing out a bit, but my business has gone completely downhill since my parcel got bounced back earlier in the year and now i’m limited to smaller boxes my cost price on some items has gone through the roof. This is pretty much my last resort at picking things back up and if it all works out I’ll be able to do a lot bigger orders and start getting things going again.

    Would a company like DHL do freight forwarding?

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    It might be best to talk this through with a customs agent who is also a forwarder.
    Chris is our guy 03 9600 2290.

    slacky741, post: 195778 wrote:
    Thanks Pete, I might give you a call next week sometime :)

    They just got back to me this morning about dimensions, I thought they would lump it all together but looks like it’s in smaller boxes.
    The details they have given me are:
    7 Boxes Total
    Weight: 26 lbs each box

    Measurement of each box:
    Length: 21″ inches
    Width: 15″ inches
    Height: 16″ inches

    Location still unknown other then being in China, they seem pretty hesitant to tell me this until just before pickup, will it even be possible to organise this without an exact location?

    For the amount of boxes it is do you think it would still be worth going through DHL air freight or am I better off by sea?

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