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    Hi Folks,

    I’m very new to this forum and hoping to get some help with a quote from a forwarder. First time importing from China to Victoria.

    I gave him the weight and dimension of each packed unit because I dont have the cbm for the case pack.

    Here are the details
    10 units of 43x20x20cm 2.4kg
    10 units of 64x20x20 4kg
    10units of 84x20x20 6.5kg

    Value of everything is $218usd

    he priced the shipping at $373DDU sea freight

    I would think it would be computed based on cbm but he said it is computed by kg.

    hope someone could help me understand the cost and identify the addition fees, taxes that I have to pay before delivery to my door.


    Jason Ramage
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    Have you asked him for a breakdown? or how they are shipping (sounds like they may have quoted air) etc

    FYI, not sure why you would send that small qty via sea as there would be additional processing fees incurred over and above airfreight to your door.. If by sea it could include:
    Fees to export port
    Fee to process paperwork
    Fees at receiving port
    paperwork processing at receiving port
    Courier charges from port to your door

    Aboive is purely speculative, have you asked your supplier also for air freight/courier cost to deliver to your door as well?

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    Hi Lucas,

    Thanks for responding. The total weight would be 129kg and my understanding it would be more expensive by air. Its a trial order hence the low quantity.
    I have a feeling Im getting taken for ride with the cost. I’ve also request a breakdown but could not provide one. Also asked that when delivered that I get an invoice with a breakdown (specially gst so I claim through tax), he said theres no breakdown.

    The shipment is by sea, DDU. Was looking at sea to get low shipping.


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    Oh he also mentioned that they are computed based on actual kg weight. I might be wrong but isn’t it computed by cbm or weight based volume and which ever is higher?

    Dash Freight
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    Hi Beny, I am suspicious of a price of $373 by sea. I suspect it is only to the port. From there you would have to pay all the landside fees. This will be many hundreds of dollars, plus the brokerage fees. I suggest you ask him the price for DAP and nominate your delivery address as the Named place. I suspect at your weight and volume air freight will be a little bit cheaper after all the add ons. But if they supply at FOB, then sea may be very similar. As an example, air freight, door to door, no more to pay, would be AUD1280

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