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    Hey guys, its the first time I am trying to import a bulk shipment from Alibaba and after reaching out to a verified freight forwarder (on Alibaba platform), this is what I was quoted for LCL:

    – by air, the price is $2.9 / kg by air for 5-7 workdays to door.
    – by sea, the price is $1.4 / kg by sea for 20-22 workdays to door.
    – by sea, the price is $300 / cbm for first CBM, and $125 / CBM for additianal CBM

    For duty, if the value is lower than 1000AUD, Then it will be free-duty.
    if it is over much, I advise to make an FTA, this is agreement between Australia and China, with this, the goods from China to Australia, would be free-duty or half to reduce. It is about 25USD for one FTA.

    It includes customs clearance in China and Australia, also include the fee on port of loading and destination.

    if the goods is located in shenzhen, we can offer free pick up. if it is in other province, I can arrange pick up for u. but will charge pick up cost”

    The product I am interested in is 53x36x23cm so the volumetric weight comes out to be 53x36x23/5000 = 8.77 kgs which is more than the gross weight of 2.5 kilos. And I plan to order 100 pcs to begin with.

    Could someone who has been doing it fo quite some time let me know if this is roughly the price I should be looking for? Also, is it wise to use freight forwarders listed on alibaba platform as opposed to the ones who are not? Your help shall be appreciated.

    Paul – FS Concierge
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    Hi And Welcome to Flying Solo [USER=116571]@varunmalhotra24[/USER] . It is great to have you!

    Thank you for joining our community and posting.


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    i think the price for shipping is quite reasonable, i am from China and dealing with many shipping companies, not a bad choice. good luck

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    Hi Varun

    be careful when you are comparing prices. The kg rate or cbm rate is not the whole story
    There may be extra charges not included in the quote.

    You have over 4 cbm here. The most economical shipping would be LCL. Transit time door to door is normally 3-4 weeks

    Many importers use an Australian freight agent. We arrange the whole shipment from door to door. We assist with documents, landed cost estimate, CHAFTA COO, etc.

    But you must read the fine print. You need to ask “what is not included in this quote?”

    There are many stories of people who get hit with hidden extras

    One importer told me ” I am just 2 km from Port Botany. The last 2 km cost me $3,000!”
    The reason was she had not been quote some of the handling charges, and was not aware she would be.

    Another client was out of pocket by an extra $11,000 for one container – largely because the shipping was arranged by the supplier.

    Read the details. Get advice.

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    I have had my distributor in US arrange most of my shipping thus far and it has worked out OK. However next shipment I will also try pricing it from a local FF to compare.

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    Good call. Let me know when you are ready

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