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    Hi Everyone,

    I have recently started and Electrical Contractors Business on the Gold Coast based in Burleigh Waters “Murphy Electrical Contractors” . I have created a website using wix (about two months ago).

    link: http://www.murphyelectricalcontractors.com (any feed back would be helpful, thanks)

    But I’m having trouble with my google+ and google+ local account. I not a 100% sure it is setup correctly. I’m not found for my local search “Electrician Burleigh” or “Electrician Burleigh Waters”.

    I’m also looking for some information about website BACKLINKS. I have listed my business in these main directories:

    Is there more that has to be done?

    Any information on Backlinks or Google+ Local would be appreciated.

    Thank You.

    Peter Watson
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    Honestly, you’d be better off investing in an expert to do your SEO/online marketing. It would be like me asking you how to install downlights.

    I’m not trying to deter you from ‘having a crack’, but IMO you’ll be simply wasting your time.

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    To get your Google Business listing set up go to: https://www.google.com/business/

    Fill in as much information as you can.
    Make sure you pick the correct categories for your business.
    Write a good description that uses relevant keywords.

    You’ve done the right thing by listing your business with TrueLocal, Yellowpages, Hotfrog, Google+, Bing. I also recommend listing on Yelp.

    Your site needs the physical address on every page and make sure it is consistent on every page and also consitent with your listings in trulocal, hotfrog etc. You may be able to put address into the footer once to have it displayed on all pages. I am not sure how Wix des it.

    Without going too deep and techy into on-page and off-page SEO, this should get you going for now.

    Be patient. It can take a few weeks (industry figures suggest up to 6 weeks) for local SEO efforts to show results.

    Give me a shout if you need any help or have any further questions. Quite happy to jump on the phone or Skype to have a chat or help further here.

    All the best, Ilya

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    Hi Murphy.

    Condense your message mate.

    Assume that I’m looking for an electrical contractor when I come to your website.

    Convince me in 10 seconds or less to give your website a fair go. By that I mean convince me to give you my full attention.

    Once you’ve got that down and your message is clear, you’ll stand a much better chance at converting more visitors into leads.

    Best of luck – Phil.

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    as a “customer” I like your website (looked at it on my phone)
    I like on the home page how you’ve got your info with heading separating the information.(Professional, Fast & Affordable Results Etc)
    So I read the highlighted headings and have a quick glance at the writing Underneath.
    I also like how you have some prices on your site
    I’m only a beginner in websites so offering advice from a customers first glance
    I actually need a quote for a house in Tugun!

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    Hi Murphy,

    First of all I would like to say you have a done an amazing job.

    I agree with Phil. The idea is to build trust with customers and they won’t spend too much time on the site if they don’t feel right.

    Few suggestions,

    1. Get an Australian Domain name (.com.au) as your targeting Australia Market.

    2. Have your license no. right on the top underneath the Contact details.

    3. Your website links have special symbols like !,# etc. It’s not a good practice when you want Google to scan your website for ranking.

    4. Bold specific target keywords in the content.


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    I have worked with SEO for the past few years (currently my business is concentrated on social media marketing). First tip – good SEO is a really slow process. It’s annoying, but it’s a fact. Most of the “SEO gurus” that tell you they can do it quick are doing it badly.

    Secondly, the listings on directories are ok, but they are essentially worthless these days. I know I will get some argument there, but yes, worthless.

    As someone said do your Google + page listing ASAP and VERIFY YOUR BUSINESS. They will send you a little card with a code on it.

    If you want immediate results, then get yourself some Google ads. There isn’t many ways around it until:

    1) Your website (domain) has aged
    2) Your content on your website has increased (blogs etc)
    3) Your relevant links have increased.

    Link building as a strategy is becoming less relevant in the industry, and engagement, shares, views etc of your site are where it’s at. (great content)

    So if you don’t have time/energy/money to build a booming eletrician’s blog around your website then quite often paying for Google ads is your best bet.

    You can throw on as little as $25-$50 and, if it gets you work, then it’s worth it.

    Concentrate more on making your website informative for potential customers and Google will reward you. I do this type of testing myself, sites with ZERO links built, and still drives Google traffic.

    Hope that is some food for thought anyway.

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    Hi again MEC,
    IMHO, stop with the link building fixation and start with a focus on your site’s design, structure and content inadequacies.

    Links can only support site content. They can’t improve SE referrals when the content is not there.

    If you fix your content issues, you will get 10 times more relevant SE referrals (subjective opinion) than you will wasting your time building useless links.

    With your focus on customers on the Gold Coast, I suggest you probably do not need to spend any time on link building.

    Eg. Try these Google searches:

    • railway sleepers
    • railway sleeper suppliers
    • railway sleeper sales
    • used railway sleepers
    • railway sleepers Sydney
    • used sleepers Sydney
    • hardwood railway sleepers Sydney

    The site, Statewidesleepers ranks #1 for all these phrases and has done so for the last 7(?) years. There are around 2,000 relevant search phrases that will rank Statewidesleepers in the top 5 Google results.

    There are almost no external links to this website!

    The external link profile of this site is virtually “zero”. Run this site through the usual SEO tools and they will all report countless problems or omissions.

    What they can’t find is search terms where this site does NOT rank in the top 10 in Google – but they won’t report this factor.

    Five years ago, a couple of SEOs who used to frequent FS were convinced they could quickly and easily knock it off its #1 position for the single search term, “railway sleepers Sydney”. They failed!

    So much for uninformed link building. IMHO, be very cautious of any SEO who tells you external link building is the solution to your problems or who runs your site through an SEO tool in an attempt to identify its problems.

    You appear to be in a search market with a similar level of competition to the example above.

    Here is one person’s ideas of how to assess external link values:

    17 Ways Search Engines Judge the Value of a Link

    My simple version is that Google is trying to identify search topic relevant information.

    So it starts with defining the search terms you are targeting for an individual page on your site.

    If you want higher scoring external links for your “Gate Repairs” page, you need to start with the search terms you want to target on this page and make sure you tell G what it is about.

    Let’s assume your primary search words for THIS PAGE are:

    Automatic, gate(s), garage(s)
    Repair(s), service(s), maintenance
    Burleigh, Waters
    Gold, Coast

    The parameters G can use to assess external link values will include:

    • All the on-page elements G uses to assess your own page and how they relate to…
    • The tag of the pages that links to your Gate Repair page
    • The heading of the linked page
    • The content volume and relevance on the linked page
    • The volume and relevance of the external links to the linked page
    • The link text on the external page
    • And more…

    What we don’t know is the importance or ranking point weighting that G can apply to any of these elements. I like to talk to clients about G having the ability to use a range of 1 – 1,000 for any one of them. I have no idea if this is remotely accurate but when you see how G can cause some sites to lose 60% of their traffic literally overnight when it decides to kill an external link building scheme, it clearly has mechanisms of this sort of magnitude to decimate external links of defined characteristics.

    To revert to your situation…

    Let me offer examples of how different types of external links could help your page in the rankings.

    • A link from any website based in Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast should generate more ranking points for search phrases that include these search words than links from a website outside the area,
    • Those link should also help the ranking points of all your site pages for these search words.
    • Links from satisfied clients in your area can help build ranking values for location words.
    • Links from trade association, trade schools, certain government sites should give a big boost for search terms that include the word “electrician”. “Edu”, “gov” and some “org” domains can have huge volumes of very specific and important links to them. These can in turn pass a lot of ranking points to your site for professional or trade related search words.
    • Links from automatic gates and garage door manufacturers. Links from these types of sites should improve your point score for these product type search terms.

    When you consider these sorts of link ranking parameters, it may also help explain why general business directory links offer such little potential value.

    Developing high scoring external links requires a lot of thought, strategy and skill these days. I.e. it is very time consuming and expensive if you want a 3rd party to provide it.

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    Hi there,

    Two resources that may be of use for this:

    1) Moz’s guide to local ranking factors
    2) Building more consistent NAP (name – address – phone) citations. Here’s an example using Scrapebox, but not absolutely necessary

    Best of luck.

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