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    Adam Stanecki
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    My podcast is called Simplify My Small Business. I’m looking for questions from small business owners to answer on the show.

    So, have you got something that you want to know that will make for a good podcast discussion?


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    Hi Adam,

    I have a couple of questions in mind but I will ask you the biggest one in which I am currently attempting to deal with.

    A partner and I have recently launched online marketing/advertising platform which is coupled with a print channel (long story short, it’s a coupon gig but it is NOT a a daily deals or group buying biz).

    The challenge I am facing at the moment is a lack of people power/some very specific skills we know we will require for long term success. FWIW we are fairly well capitalised yet not so much so that we can freely afford to hire people and with that in mind, ideally our current goal is find some like minded people (to us) that see potential in our project and can compliment it with skills our current team lack in exchange for shares/ownership options. Then as the project progresses, remunerate accordingly.

    It would be great to hear from people that been in this or a similar position with a start up or expansion.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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