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    I wanted to introduce myself to this forum to meet some of the other business owners and say hello.

    My name is Ben and I am the Founder of GoodSpot.com.au an online publisher of real estate listings in Australia. We basically cover residential listings, commercial listings and businesses for sale.

    The business is brand new and holds a great deal of promise as it makes advertising property straightforward. It may also vindicate my decision to “have a go” in the face of very strong and established competitors who do not even know that I exist.

    My reason for starting this business had a lot to do with the “layers of complication” involved in advertising on the major sites. Some of these sites do not allow owners to list – why is that? Whilst others charge incredibly expensive fees for “upgrades” and “add-ons” that really only takes away your equity and puts it in someone else’s pocket. I firmly believe there has to be a more affordable way to get a professional listing.

    At this point the site has pretty much been developed and it has taken a lot of man hours to put it all together. I am sure that if some of you were willing to review it there would be other great ideas that I could incorporate (keeping in mind that like all other start-ups it is a “bootstrap operation”.

    If you like what I am trying to do why not publish something on your website to help me “spread the word”?

    Note I am more than happy to generate a 50% discount coupon (for a listing on goodspot.com.au) if anyone reads this and needs some help promoting their property [valid until June 2013].

    Best Regards,

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    Welcome to Flying Solo Ben, and good on you for having the guts and determination to take on such a challenge.

    I wish you all the best with it, and will follow your progress with interest.

    All the best,

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    Hi, I’m interested to hear your plans to get listings and market share?

    Like many online businesses, especially in this field, it is all about obtaining critical mass and that starts with getting listings…lots and lots of listings.

    My suggestion would be making it free to list initially, until you have enough listings to attract viewers and start getting paid listings.

    If you were to get a national real estate chain or 2 onboard, this would be enough to kick start it. The key would be having a system in place that would allow them to easily upload all of their listings and photos at once, without having to individually enter each.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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