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    Not sure if I should really be writing in this thread, old time user however I’ve had an inactive account for months, probably over a year.

    So I just wanted to say hello all! And I welcome myself back.

    So just quickly recapping everything that’s happening and for those of you (most of you, it’s not like I’m a celebrity or anything) that don’t know me.

    My name is Kosta Kondratenko; don’t worry you’ll never have to, and I’ll never expect you to pronounce my last name correctly, and I work at Head Studios. We do all kinds of stuff, and you can definately check out our website here > sydney video production.

    Basically we specialize in high quality video production at a SME price range, to give the little guys a chance to look like a million bucks without breaking the budget. So if you’re interested please do get in contact with us or simply PM me or reply.

    Meanwhile, I’m happy to answer any questions you have. And I hope to become a common member and contribute value to this board.

    You can check out some of the videos/websites we’ve created for clients below:

    Sports Auto Group
    Live Home 24

    So… what else is there to say about myself outside of business?

    I was born in Russia (probably not many Russians here) and grew up in the Wild Wild West of Sydney. I’m 24 and I’m just looking to get out there and meet new people!

    Thanks for reading :)


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    Hi Kosta

    Nice to see you :)

    Welcome back to Flying Solo.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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