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    Afternoon Soloists,

    John here from The Mobile Billboard Company.

    Quite often I scour these forum pages and see the same questions being asked – “how do i generate interest in my website?” – or “how do I bring in customers with little advertising?“.

    For us – working with an advertising medium on a daily basis, I must admit that these questions quite often frustrate me because ALL small, micro or conglomerate size business need to advertise.

    It’s a matter of… “If you don’t, you’re competitor will”.

    We see small businesses that will invest thousands in a website and business card, thousands in iPhones/Laptops and internet connections, thousands in a company vehicle and so on…. but then absolutely shut their purse when it comes to advertising.

    Part of this is intimidation. Nobody wants to invest $$$ into advertising and see it go no where… but ALL business need to be serious about it.

    Now more than ever – with complacent and savvy customers who KNOW what they want and where to find it.

    There is no science to effective advertising – and our medium (Mobile Billboards) is used to more or less to generate the largest format exposure in a local area you require.

    After all, why advertise on Radio or TV, to customers 50kms away who won’t come to visit you. Put your message where you need it!

    I spoke with a potential customer yesterday, funnily enough from a digital agency. And despite them selling ad space digitally…. she called us because she simply needed a Mobile Billboard to reach places that even the digital landscape couldn’t.

    But I’m not here to specifically talk about our medium. I want to share one little secret that can help everyone on this forum bump their listings.

    “Guest Blogging”

    For any new business looking to “spread the word” without paying for it – well i’d tell them to network (On Flying Solo) and reach out to other business’s and contribute good quality content to their site via “guest blogging”.

    YOU are the expert in YOUR field.

    YOU have great things to say and great knowledge that others don’t.

    WE want to hear it!

    It sounds simple – but Google is forever changing its way SEO is conducted and while the Jury is out regarding this, in short, many SEO professionals think that websites that are producing quality content, updated regularly, is what will be seen as authoritativeness in your field and bumped up the rankings.

    We hear the term “back linking” thrown around a bit – but don’t pay an Indian company money to spam sites with meaningless backlinks…. scour the internet and contact people.

    So the secret today… if your budgets are low… contact like minded people, strike up relationships, produce good quality and informative content for your sites.

    If you never ask… you never get!

    And just to share a little bit about myself and our business… for example about “spreading the word”… here is a small piece in the Telstra Smarter Business we featured in last week:


    Get out their guys – start networking

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    Preaching to the choir here :)
    Any good tips for guest blogging? Especially when approaching a big authoritative source blog or website?

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    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I think the most important aspect is contacting the ‘right’ person.

    If the email is generic… “info@”, “sales@”, “enquiries@” you’re likely going to get lost when contacting the right person who can help you.

    Visit the blog of interest and actually take 30 minutes to read other posts, get a feel for them, take note of names and people who are constantly contributing.

    Take it seriously and you’re reply will be taken seriously.

    Be transparent and state your intentions.

    I couldn’t count how many times I’ve been able to strike up a beneficial (to both parties) conversation with another business owner, just by being clear, positive and straight to my intentions.

    This applies to any business- no matter what size!


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