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    Jason Ramage
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    Hi FlyingSolists – or soon to be ;)

    As most of you are aware, i have been around here for a little while and always do my best to help out in areas that i may know a little.. Although as of late, we have been a little busy ourselves and have not had the regular amount of time to delve into a lot of the posts. That being said, i do try get on here for a little bit each day.

    Reason for this post:
    Over the last few months we have completely transitioned our previous business model and are focussing on our core efforts and resources into helping other businesses that require Third Party Logistics (3pl) services as a FlyingSoloist and just wanted to re-introduce this service or expertise to you should anyone require it or need some guidance.

    What does HarryLukeLogistics do?
    Primarily we offer a warehousing and logistics solution to businesses that are not in a position to warehouse product themselves. This could be due to our budding FlyingSoloists still working full time and are time poor to store, pick or pack there own goods for despatch or it could simply be a monetary reason of not wanting to invest a warehouse lease, labour costs and other expenses associated with operating a factory themselves.

    Specifically what’s involved in what we offer.
    Ok, as a quick overview we can provide the following:

    1. Storage solutions for your items – shelf space or pallet space – no minimum size
    2. Handling you inbound orders (can do returns although separately discussed)
    3. Picking, Packing and Despatching of your orders – as required or arranged
    4. Client collections (if need be)

    What anyone wanting to use a 3PL needs to be aware of:
    Basically, anyone wanting to use a 3pl provider needs to be aware that there are costs to the service that you need to factor into all equations, costs including but not exclusively can include:

    • Storage costs – space dependant
    • Inbound costs – per pallet or per box/carton
    • Order processing costs (inbound/outbound)
    • Outbound costs – pick cost per pallet or box/carton
    • + freight charges – freight is assessed based on clients requirements and shopped around – some clients use own freight co’s, we just pick/pack/store etc…

    Why would you use a 3PL?
    Basically, there are many reasons you may want to use a 3PL provider although most of it comes down to being resource poor (labour and $$$). Having a 3PL allows you to only pay for the storage required and the labour you need as it is used.

    Some people get 3pl and some do not. This is not meant to be offensive or off putting, its just some owners see a value in using what little time they have on income driving activities rather than spending it on picking and packing orders which ultimately brings them no additional revenue :(

    As a FlyingSoloist you really have 3 options when you start a business selling a product (well maybe 4 but i omit the last one which is drop shipping) which are listed below:
    1. Run the business from home, out of your spare room or your garage.

    Low cost as you are already burdening this in daily life
    You can pick/pack at your leisure
    Sometimes interferes with work/life balance – when do you switch off
    Space can sometimes run out

    2. Lease your own factory.

    You are in control of your own space
    No limitations on storage, site visits, client visits, etc
    Look professional
    Yearly Lease (inc rent, outgoings, insurances, labour/staff, etc)
    Under utilized space (empty space still costs you in rent)
    Difficult to upscale or downscale business as required
    Cost of equipment (storage racks, forklift, etc etc)

    3. 3PL Provider

    Low cost and only pay for what is used
    Can be upscaled to suit business requirements, both seasonally and in growth/reduction
    Drawing on staff/owners warehousing and freight expertise
    It basically costs every time your items are touched or received etc
    Stock is off site from you (trust is important here)

    Why have we created our own 3PL?
    Our goal is to assist other budding entrepreneurs with getting themselves off the ground, we lend our knowledge of warehousing and freight management to those getting started (and some that have been in business for years) on their journey. And all with a smile, trust and knowledge as we have been involved in warehousing for many years as well as one partner working and creating a 3PL for many moons as well :)

    Wrap up – as this has been long enough
    We invite anyone needing a warehousing/fulfilment solution to touch base with us to discuss your needs. Its handy to know costs and other aspects whilst you are doing your business plan and gauging your overheads or for that matter what may be the best solution. Often we come to a mutual conclusion that 3PL may not be the best option, initially, but we can help you assess that as well :)

    existing clients
    at present we have a few clients that are keeping us busy and these include the following industries:
    a. Imported Dry Good Food Suppliers
    b. eCommerce Operators
    c. Vehicle Manufacturing/Leisure Operators

    Any queries, please let me know as we are always happy to lend our knowledge to you and ensure, should you require a 3PL service, that we can start building a long term relationship – which is our ultimate goal.

    Be well everyone and look forward to seeing you in the forums.


    Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: hello@lucasarthur.net.au   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888
    Matt @NMM
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    Brilliant read Harry. As a fellow Logistics professional it’s not always easy to grasp, let alone explain the expansive world of warehousing & logistics as it encompasses and contributes to so many ( or so little depending on the requirements) sections throughout the supply chain.

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    Jason, welcome to the world of FS

    Jason Ramage
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    bb1, post: 226425, member: 53375 wrote:
    Jason, welcome to the world of FS

    Thanks Bert for the warm welcome, look forward to seeing you around ;)

    Jason Ramage | Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd | E: hello@lucasarthur.net.au   P: 61 3 8324 0344    M: 61 412 244 888
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