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    Tom ISW
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    As soloists, I’m sure we’ve all felt the sting of rejection. But what about “ghosting?”

    In the dating world, “ghosting” is the phenomenon of a potential relationship partner disappearing and leaving texts or calls unanswered.

    In the business world, the same is true. A potential client or business partner simply disappears, stops responding to emails or calls, and leaves you hanging wondering what happened.

    In my experience, I’ve noticed that my “business ghosts” skew younger. I have to call them up repeatedly to get a firm “no” out of them. To them, it would seem that the pain of disappointing someone outweighs the courtesy of giving someone a definitive answer.

    Have you been “business ghosted?” I’ll be using some responses in an upcoming article for FS!

    Jason Ramage
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    Hey Tom

    Nice post… think Lucy may have had something similar a little while ago..

    With how i operate and the business i am in, this is just part and parcel of the space.. could be because they are not ready (we are brought in months before inception sometimes) so lots of the initial chats are info gathering.. I have never looked at it as a personal thing, nor get disappointed by it…

    Sometimes it is about getting info, establishing a contact point and them maintaining a soft contact with the lead.. we never ask for a hard no, because then the door is shut completely and hard to re-open..

    If we merely offer a helping hand or lend some insight, there is still a chance in the future they come back to us..

    But yes, ghosting in the terms outlined is there… the youth and skittle (is that hand in hand.. LOL), does happen.. i still feel it is how we perceive this ‘ghosting’ as to whether it effects us or not.. for us, its all in the funnel.. if we have done our job right, and the offer is right, and the timing is right – they will come – you can probably tell we dont hard sell here either.. LOL

    Oops, think i rambled… off topic maybe.. but i hope it makes sense, if not BB1 will slap me along the way ;)


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