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    “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” — Alvin Toffler

    The events of recent times have clearly shown us that we are in need to rapidly adapt to new circumstances and learn new skills and behaviours. Failing to learn or relearn new patterns risks the danger of facing some consequences. Consequences that may be seen as unfavourable to our evolution and well being… in more than one ways.

    Where is your current learning curve taking you? Take the opportunity and be informed about the latest trends and developments that will keep you on the edge of where you may want or need to be.

    WBN Business networking is social & business networking at it’s best! Networking amongst a highly resourceful, knowledgeable and soulful community of inspired professionals may prove to be one of the best investments in helping you to create the future you like to see.

    You may already know that WBN events will give everyone the opportunity to meet many interesting people. As usual, the evening will be a dynamic & fun event filled with inspired business networking – a chance to meet old and new friends and to create the personal and professional connections you’ve been seeking in a friendly & informative environment.

    WHERE: The BEING Centre
    25 Falcon street, Crows Nest

    WHEN:Tuesday, the 30th of June 200

    TIME: 7:00pm – 9.30 pm

    COST: $20.00 – Donation

    The evenings Presentations:

    “eLearning: The cutting edge of learning”
    presented by Lee Stewart

    “We are living a rapidly changing world and now more than ever it is important to learn fast. It is a matter of Cultural and Behavioural Change. By building highly interactive and engaging eLearning it is possible to reach tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people globally. This is the foundation for eLearning around sustainability education, winning hearts and minds. It’s not about preaching, it’s about creating an engaging and interactive environment where people can discover for themselves. Come and witness first hand the cutting edge of eLearning that will leave you astounded.”


    “Is the Universe screaming at you?”

    presented by Sacha Crouch
    The universe is screaming out at us to do things differently. Most of us live, choose and act from a space of feeling we don’t have enough and are not enough. As a result, we do too much of the wrong things and procrastinate over the right things.

    We exhaust ourselves trying to be what we are not. We live with an ongoing feeling of stress, anxiety and self-doubt. We deplete ourselves trying to get more, have more and be more.

    If you want to take your business or career to the a higher level in an effortless, aligned way with less stress and anxiety, and greater balance and self-belief it is time to choose to do things differently. What can you do?

    For more info please check out: http://www.wholisticbusinessnetwork.com/wbn_centres/sydney.html

    [email protected]

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