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    I am trying to start a new venture in Melbourne. My venture is primarily around sourcing various items from Indian subcontinent (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Srilanka) and getting that delivered to our friends across Australia. Here for tips on

    1. How can I set up the core business model
    2. How to set up the inbound leg
    3. How to manage for promotion and sales
    4. How to set up outbound leg

    Will be keen to get tips and pointers from experienced members. Hopefully I will be able to convert this venture into a success and thereby can generate some jobs and contribute to the Australian economy.

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    There are many things you can do in order to make your venture or business successful.

    – You can start researching about the market of the products you are planning to import.
    – Contact person to whom you can sell potentially and get the feedback.
    – Better start building website and work on website on page SEO and off page SEO.
    – Create Facebook page and posts daily. also be part of the group and posts in Facebook group too.
    – Create a Social media campaign for the products.
    – Create Google Ads Campaign for the products.
    – Collect email id of your website visitors slowly and do email marketing.

    These are the things I can think of for your business marketing plan. I hope this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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