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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Aiying – want to drop a quick note to introduce myself as I have reading and following the forum with great interest. I am in the startup phase of getting my business mumandworking Australia (http://www.mumandworking.com.au) launched in the next couple of months.

    mumandworking Australia is a mums career website – and we help working parents list flexible, part time, family friendly work and business opportunities that are suitable for mums (and dads) who want to work around their family lifestyle. We also provide career tips and advice to mums who are returning to work or looking for ways to make money.

    This all started when my family and I returned to Sydney from a 12 year stint in London. I was looking to start work as soon as we arrived in Sydney, but found that this was almost impossible whilst trying to settle a family (househunting, schools etc), and then subsequently realised that I didn’t want to go back to my previous full-time role. It was at the same time that I came across the mumandworking franchise and it felt like a perfect fit.

    This is my first business, and mumandworking Australia is the first franchise outside the original business in the UK – so everything is all a bit new for everyone! I am totally freaked out by the prospect of doing this alone – so you guys have been a great comfort for me as I go through the forum topics & discussions.

    I would love to hear from your guys as business owners experience in terms of recruitment. When you do recruit or build a team – how do you normally recruit? Especially for members here who are in the mums and family industry, what sort of budget do you have for hiring and advertising? How do you normally advertise yourself?

    I would love to know if there is something different that I can do to make mumandworking Australia more appealing than other recruitment and advertising options out there.

    We are still building the website but in the meantime we have a teaser page up:

    We are also on facebook and twitter:

    I’d love some feedback and hope to be more active in this forum.


    Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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    Hi Aiying,

    Welcome to Flying Solo!

    What an exciting time your you (and maybe a little daunting). Best of luck, ask plenty of questions, and be sure to keep us posted. :)


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