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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m been using this website on and off for a few years now and thought I should make a formal introduction.

    I run a Pty Ltd here in Sydney, it’s a fairly unique business with a unique business model. We work in the Environment Technology industry and currently we specifically focus in the Activated Carbon industry.

    For your benefit, Activated Carbon (AC) is a product that is used for all kinds of filtration (air, water) and well as specialised industries like Gold extraction (It’s used a lot in our Australian mines). You can read more on Google if you are interested. Over the next 10 years or so, Activated Carbon consumption is set to explode as the world comes to terms with Climate Change and the need for pollution control etc.

    Currently my company (Pauls & Mark Pty Ltd) handles project management from here in Aus, but we work mostly in India and Sri Lanka (Large producers of AC). The benefit I have is that my Father is one of the most sort after technical consultants in the global AC industry and we also have close relationships with AC specialist engineers in those countries. I subcontract work to my Father and our engineering team in the foreign countries for projects as needed and handle the project management from here.

    Over the last few months we are experiencing a lot of demand for our AC technical consultancy services and I’m always on the lookout to network with businesses here in Australia who operate in a similar subcontracting business model, as well as legal, finance and business people who can help us fine tune our foreign trade and process.

    I’m also keep to establish some relationship with people who have contacts in the mining industry and who can help promote AC products here in Aus.

    Look forward to networking more and hope to hear from anyone keen to know more about our business.


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