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    Hi guys my first post my name is Mel,I am a hairdresser from Perth Wa, I work from my Carramar home.


    so excited joining this community

    I recently opened up a shop online selling keratin treatments , I don’t have much traffic going to my website just wondering if anyone can help me boost traffic to my shop.

    Products we sell

    • Keratin Treatments
    • Aftercare products

    I do have all social media like Facebook Twitter and Instagram And so on but I am not getting any likes or traffic can anyone tell me what I am missing.

    thank you

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    Your home page tells me nothing, land there and I see 2 backs of heads, and your brand name, thats it, are you selling haircuts, fancy photo’s, hair styling, etc. And you FB page says just a little.

    You need to grab me in the first 7.65 seconds and tell me what you are offering. Your intro above tells me more then your website or FB page.

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    Thanks for the reply as for my shop I can’t really ad much info on that page it’s using big cartel e-commerce as for the Facebook page I will need to update some more info.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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