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    hello flying solo world, I am newish to the business world after a few failed attempts about 10 – 5 years ago. I was primarily unskilled in business management and there was ill planning on my behalf. so now I am inspired, after looking and studying various reports on small business start ups and why they fail, to work directly with small businesses. I have had a lot of encouragement in this area, how ever after having a short word with a neis consultant she had recommended against it due to being to much competition.

    I would like to build a consultancy based business and help very specific businesses develop a strategic marketing plan to reach out to very specific range of clients and I would like to do assist in any way shape or form in the early stages of small businesses (I know very basic but a lot of small businesses forget to plan with such things as a SWOT or feasibility test,marketing and sales preparation etc)

    now I know that a lot of accountants offer the service of a business consultant and a lot of advice like this is readily available for those who plan but I think that I would like to help business in this way as an extra set of hands on deck, until I develop a more specific approach as to how I can offer a service to small businesses.

    any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated and tell me if anyone has experienced any thing in relation to my small business start up idea ?! (again nothing new but extremely helpful towards businesses succeed, if they have the right plan to action!)

    regards RJ.

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    It is great to see your passion to work for yourself and I don’t like to criticize someone who is making an effort but I would be a bit wary of a business consultant who doesn’t have experience with a successful business themselves.
    Like your NEIS advisor I would doubt that you could compete with similar businesses already on the market and you might open yourself up to legal problems if your unqualified advice harms a small business.

    Just my take on what you have written.

    There are a lot of options out there for starting a small business so if you decide that this one isn’t for you, keep plugging along, you will find something that fits. Please don’t let my criticism put you off from this forum, we are here to help and will gladly answer other concerns that you might bring up in your efforts.

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    I am going to be a little more brutal then [USER=28171]@Rowan@quaotic[/USER], I agree with everything said.

    But gee, you admit to failing at your own business a FEW time’s. But you have now read a few reports, and taken on a NEIS course, and you think you are in a position to advise business on how to run business.

    Please don’t, I would rather have a small business fail under their own steam then getting advise from a failed business person, who has read a few reports and now thinks they are an instant expert.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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