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    Hello all,
    It seems to be the thing to do to introduce oneself here. I have been subscribed to the tuesday email newsletter for some years now and I must say it is one of the very few that hit my inbox which I actually read. Not only that, I enjoy it.
    Like everyone else I am time poor so need to pick and choose my online activities carefully. Given the quality of the Flying Solo news letter I think this forum warrants putting some time into, so here I am!
    I look forward to some interesting discussions over the comming weeks and months.

    Regards Alan Hockings

    P.S. I suppose I should mention my business is BetterBackup. I safeguard others vital information. I get a buz out of saving the day when the inevitable computer problems come along.

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    Hi Alan

    Thanks for your lovely feedback about our newsletter.

    Hope you get as much value from the forums, and I’m sure you will. The folk who hang out here are pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself ;-)


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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