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    Hi i am looking at starting and online kids clothing business and wanted to use wholesalers in china, just wondering if anybody has any idea on how to choose a reliable whole saler in another country? Im worried for security issues etc.

    Thank you :)

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    Your question is a tricky one, you need to conduct your own due diligence unless you are referred to a supplier by a mutually trusted source.. Other than that, with the size of China and the way business can be conducted there it can be difficult to review this.

    However, not trying to scare you with above comments, you can do several things and it will depend on how you plan to set up + how big etc etc…. but they are below:
    a. visit china trade show and then visit the said wholesaler (do you mean manufacturer?) to check legitimacy
    b. import sample range (this is not a guarantee as you are not sure they can meet full requirement of orders based on sample)
    c. use a reputable trade/buying agent (there are a few on here i think such as Johny although not sure if he does fashion and you still need to qualify independently yourself)
    d. use familiar buying portals/web sites similar to ebay (but not ebay)

    The reviewing of suppliers can be the most difficult with china suppliers as you do not always know (if you dont look properly) if you are dealing with manufacturers, sellers, agents or someone else in between taking a cut… so you need to ask the right questions, asses response times and the likes to get a feel for who you are dealing with.. The only real way to figure this out is face to face with some suppliers :( Is this an option for you?

    Anyway, i am sure there will be more ‘experts’ chipping in but above is some food for thought.. May i ask what are your feelings on how to do this? what have you put in your business plan (written or in mind) to locate these suppliers? have you already commenced this or are you at the precipice of it all?

    Jason ;)

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    Hi there Amy,

    Welcome to Flying Solo :)

    In addition to Jason’s helpful insights (thanks Jason – as always!), this post contains links to some handy info, and is a good place to start your investigations:


    Good luck with it all, and I’ll be interested to follow your progress.

    Jenny Spring
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    Jason has raised some good issues.

    I manufactured offshore for 10 years, and went through many suppliers until I found 2 that I was really happy with . I’ve since sold that business.

    Finding supplier is very difficult.

    Look on Alibaba, interview them, ask them who else they supply to, contact those companies and ask them if they are happy with the supplier, go visit them, get samples sent over (but remember that production is different to sampling), get a local agent to work through …

    these are just a few ideas.

    Good luck

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