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    Hey guys..

    This is not a post asking for someone to work for free, it is simply a question asking for advice.

    My partner and I have began developing a fun creative idea that we think could become a great little venture for those involved.

    We have had the website created and it is just in its finishing stages.

    For this we used freelancer.com and outsourced the project to a team in India. Before anyone starts shooting me down haha.. yes, it was a horrible choice and I have been paying for it, don’t you worry!

    Anyway, after a LOT of trial and error, we have almost finished with this painful process.

    What I have learn’t from this, is that we need to find a web developer to come on board with us, and join our venture. the person we choose will receive some shares in the company in return for their free time.
    Obviously once the company starts moving forward and making some money then this person will start getting paid as well.

    I have searched everywhere and cannot find any websites that connect people to create projects together.

    Like I said, the site will be complete, so the role would just be tweaking a few little things here and there, and adding new features as time goes on.

    I am really looking for someone who is young, creative and good in both design and developing using php (our framework is yii) also someone who loves Australian music or is in the industry would be even better, but this is not required at all.

    If anyone knows any sites where I can connect and reach out to likeminded people that would be great!

    If you, or you know someone who has some free time up their sleeve and would like to take part in a project, please message me.

    I would love to hear from you guys, or advice on where I can find someone.

    Thank’s so much in advance.

    Ryan Jones

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    Ryan’s, post: 207440 wrote:
    If anyone knows any sites where I can connect and reach out to likeminded people that would be great!

    Did you find Silicon Beach? I know they have weekly meetups in most cities and it’s for startups, so it might be worth your time.


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    Quick couple of things. Probably best to go to a PHP meetup, or post on some PHP forums. Here’s one local meetup group:


    Second thing, be prepared. As a Rails dev I heard so many people talking up projects and trying to get people involved. I never had any interest, and people rarely find anyone who does. What would work is something to show you have some traction, even it’s a simple as a list of 10 people who are prepared to pay for the product. The more interest you can show in the project, the more likely you’ll be able to get someone on board.

    Best of luck with it!

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    Hi Ryan,

    I’m an entrepreneur and web developer. I’d be keen to hear more about your project, could you pm me your details, maybe even skype so we can chat?


    Zava Design
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    I’m also open to chatting with anyone about potential business partnerships, as per my email signature… :)

    Sticky Marketing
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    Its sounds like you need a partner who will provide a good deal of sweat equity in exchange for shares and profits.
    If you can outline this clearly you will find the right partner.

    Am keen to discover what you are doing in the music industry as we are about to launch an international Gig Guide online. There may be some connections we can make together for future collaboration, strategic promotions partnerships etc.
    best of luck with it all.

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