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    We will be exhibiting for the first time this year at Reed Gift Fair to increase our Wholesale Client base. (We hand craft “Fairy Doors that Open” plus tiny accessories to decorate them – which we currently sell online and to some stores throughout Australia). But we have never attended a Trade Show before and are quite nervous.

    If anyone could please assist with any tips ?

    In particular …what should we have ready “in the back-end”.
    eg…the display is set up, we meet and greet with a big smile…. then when a potential “lead” shows interest, what type of Paperwork / Forms should we have ready? How do we collect leads?

    Thank you everyone!

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    Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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    Hi there,

    Welcome to Flying Solo!

    Hopefully the links provided by Karen will get you started, so good luck and we’re glad to have you here on the forums. :)


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    Hi Julie,

    As a buyer at gift fairs some of the things that made us impressed and therefore interested.

    * We didnt like the pushy sales person, ie. we took a sideways look at the product, and they hooked us into a 2 hour discusion on why they were the greatest. Let your prospects have a look around, we want to see the product, then maybe hear about it.
    * The opposiite we had some where we showed genuine interest 9picking up, fondling, etc), and although they werent busy, not interested in us. Obviously thought were tyre kickers and couldnt be bothered. A few people lost sales that day, people who look like tyre kickers can be serious biyers.
    * We found the ones that had a wholesale price list available very handy, as we could go through all products without having to ask or go home and “look at the website”, we want to know there and than. it should include price, Min Qty, GST/no GSt, and anything as the buyer may need to know, in particular when they get home and your list is one amongst 50, make it easy to say, that was julies product, lets buy.
    * Most did ask for a business card so they could follow us up, or put us on the mailing list. shouldnt say this, but we had 2, our real one with all details, and one to give to the pushy ones who we werent interested in but wouldnt let us walk without giving name rank and serial number
    * Know details like minimum order quatities, etc. we were suprised some didnt know basics like that.
    * May sound strange love your product, the number of stands we went to and the people just werent into the product they were selling, well if you dont like it, why would I. But on the flip side, don’t go overboard.
    * The gift fairs are huge and people often dont have much time, so have everything that they may want ready.
    * Some let you order on the day, others were after the event. If on the day make your process quick and efficient, at one stall it took us 30 minutes to order 20 of a single item. Waste of my time and a waste of your time, thats 10 prospects who have just walked past.
    * you say the display is setup (on the day), but go back and think about it is it buyer friendly or is it seller friendly.stand on the opposite side and think if I was a buyer, do I understand the product, can I see it well, is ALL the information I need available.
    * having been a seller at pop up places (not wholesale), once setup, and if I had someone with me, I would walk of and look at all the other sites, its amazing what ideas you can get from how they are doing it, even go up and pretend you are a buyer and see what backend things they are doing.
    * think I said it above and even retailers should take this in mind, don’t be pushy
    * Be prepared, and you have started that by asking questions here, thats a positive sign.

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    Hi Julie :)

    Reed is MASSIVE. As a buyer for my other business Navy Crockett, it is a really hectic, exhausting day – worth bearing in mind when you’re thinking about who’s visiting your stall.

    Differentiate – there are so many stalls it’s hard to differentiate – but working this out for your stall will be KEY.

    Target – who will you be targeting? What sort of stores/buyers? Do you know enough about them? Eg their sex, age, their purchasing budget.

    Nourish – think out of the box. There isn’t nice food at the gift fairs. There are water stands. There isn’t a foot massager in sight (your feet ache so badly by the end of the day!).

    How do you collect leads? It depends on what you want people to DO (your call to action) when they visit you. Do you want them to place an order there? Do you want to contact them later? Have plenty of materials for them to take home – catalogues etc. And an iPad is probably best. I always walk away with alot of paperwork. Just bear that in mind.

    PS. How awesome would it be if you had your guests walk in a huge fairy door!!

    Jenny Spring
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    As a multiple Gift Fair exhibitor, I’ve a few tips for you.

    1. collect rather than give. Building your database of potential customers is your #1 goal. Give away something that is of value, but doesn’t provide the full picture to them. For example, you might give a catalogue and ask to email through a full price list, etc.

    2. call businesses prior the Trade Fair and arrange for them to come to your stand. There are so many stands, you’ll see people’s eyes glaze over as they walk past. If you’ve cold called, or cold emailed and given them a good reason to come to your stand, they’ll probably make the effort.

    3. Use a great image to grab people’s attention in the catalogue. Don’t underestimate how valuable this catalogue is.

    4. have your follow emails already written and ready to send no later than 24 hours each day. And along with that immediate email, send them several emails in the next 2 weeks. Most businesses will hold back some money while they make their final decisions. Don’t underestimate the ‘squeaky’ wheel approach. Be helpful, provide value, but don’t give up.

    Hope that helps.


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