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    Your advice is most welcome. I am stuck on how to position my business. Which category does it fit in, what do I do, what label do I attach to it. This is what I do: event management, recruitment, research, event promotion, Linkedin profiles, negotiation with suppliers, venue finding, e-book promotion and print book promotion. Yes, its a mixed bag, hence the dilemma. Do I fit in the ‘virtual assistant’ category? Or something else? My current business name is ‘AskMyPA’ but does this reflect what I actually do and the level of support I provide? What does my business name say to you? Also being a VA restricts clients expectations and also limits the fee I can charge to remain competitive.

    About me: 25 years as a CEO level corporate Executive Assistant, tons of event management experience, project management and Author of ‘How to be PA’.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and your comments are really appreciated.

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    umm, I read it as Ask My Pa(dad, pop etc) was completely confused by it.

    that being said yes you sound like a virtual assistant in most cases. general office work no specific direction but able to take time-consuming tasks so your employer can do something that generates revenue now. so i am thinking that is a good “title” for you.

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    Yep, if you want to just do everything and anything you are just a VA.

    Unless you want to specialise in one area, but considering your long list of disparate roles, I would be reluctant hiring you as I would be concerned that maybe you are an expert at none.

    The fee you charge comes with the job you do,

    Dave – FS Concierge
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    Hi [USER=115551]@askmypa[/USER],

    Sounds like you could specialise in event management and project management. Virtual Project Manager? Virtual Event Manager?

    You could fit in the broader VA category, but that’s a competitive niche and not highly valued in $/hr.

    Look at your current/past clients and use them to define the situations when you’ve been a good choice. You might be able to narrow further to certain industries, event types, or something very specific like “reducing the email and phone burden of in-office CEO level PAs”.


    Gordon Anderson
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    hmm.. maybe rebrand .. “ExecAssist” [ I also misread as Pa / Ma .. ]

    Im thinking you must have learned a great deal over your many years seeing every aspect of business – thats probably worth a lot if you can a) find a niche where you can add your unique value and b) reposition so you make it clear what that value is, its uniqueness.

    I could imagine someone superb would be of great value as a temporary consultant to an early stage tech startup – a lot of experience could complement a busy tech geek type entrepreneur.

    Also .. you might package your advice as a bundle of things startups need and are hopeless at :
    – bookkeeping system
    – HR tracking, filing contracts [ paper and electronic ]
    – basic CRM, marketing, expenses

    Perhaps find a couple startups who are growing madly and give them a starter course in basic office systems… This could take some research on your part, to “impedance match” with their language and outlook.

    Just my 2c ..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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