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    MatthewKeath, post: 162761 wrote:
    Small businesses don’t always have the cash to what we would like.

    Okay, that’s fair enough. So he doesn’t have the money – but what then?

    He spends 6 months, wasting all of this time, and $1,800 messing around “trying stuff”, (which is obviously outdated and wrong) only to find out its not working, or worse – he’s infact gone backwards.

    Then what?

    He calls someone for help, and then not only has to pay for the service he should’ve just paid for in the first place, but then ends up paying more to clean up the mess he’s created.

    Surely you can see how this is basic common sense?????

    And that’s hoping that he hasn’t caused any penalties.

    The longer I’m involved in business, the more I come to realise, I want to work with professionals that understand the importance of hiring experts. Not business owners that might dibble dabble here and there trying to do stuff on their own.

    MatthewKeath, post: 162761 wrote:
    Our local Bunnings has home improvement classes. I don’t see builders standing around getting miffed because ‘god forbid!’ the plebs are trying do something they spend years learning.

    That’s because builders are out on job sites, getting paid, because they’ve been hired, as professionals.

    MatthewKeath, post: 162761 wrote:
    Rather than look down you nose at small businesses who like to try and do things themselves, try to encourage and empower them.

    Why is it my responsibility to “encourage and empower” business owners?

    No thanks. I have bills to pay, just like everyone else. If someone wants my help, then I’m more than happy to help them. What I’m not interested in is having someone call me in a frustrated state, asking me to show them how to do my job, or worse still, fix their mess.

    MatthewKeath, post: 162761 wrote:
    I sense a lot of built up anger in your posts

    That should be obvious.

    MatthewKeath, post: 162761 wrote:
    why not have a whiskey

    No thanks, I don’t drink.

    BTW – I wasn’t offended at all. I’m just telling it how it is – without sugar coating it.

Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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