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    Hi guys. My business partner and I are in the online lead generation game focussing on the trade industry. Our normal process is that we target a specific niche, gain high visibility in the search engines until they are producing leads then look to lease them out at a monthly price.

    We Currently have a website which is producing around 30 leads per month in an industry where the average job is probably anywhere from 5-10k on average. We are having massive issues in finding someone to lease the site – 2 main reasons are either the my can go somewhere cheaper I.e service seeking (I’m not going to bother explaining how superior what we offer is) or they simply can’t handle the volume of leads coming through.

    My business partner and I are looking at alternative options and thought about whether we should just run the business ourselves and get someone to quote for us, we add our own markup etc. this is unchartered water for us and although we know that there would be more work involved we Beleive we could build our sites brand and potentially have something very valuable to sell off down the track of we chose to do so.

    I’m looking for advice on the things we need to do to take this route I.e specific contracts we need, do we need liability insurance, etc etc

    Anyone who has done a similar thing successfully it would be great to hear from you. We may even be willing to pay this person for their advice as we really do need someone to help us every step of the way. Keep in mind we are just online experts, we do not have any hands on/ in depth trade knowledge at all.

    Look forward to hearing from everyone :)


    Alan Maddick
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    I have experience in building businesses & JVs around online (and other forms) of marketing including JVs, building from the ground up & Franchise / Licensing.

    If you are in Vic i would be happy to sit down and discuss – realistically while i love this sort of stuff I would find it too complicated to over the phone / internet

    you can email me on [email protected] if interested

    – cheers

    MD Clean
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    There are a lot of different ways that you could go with the easiest one being leasing the site. The way you present the information is critical though because it is hard to sell or lease a website.

    It is what the site does that is saleable eg, if you could prove that the right kind of leads are coming your way, (not the service seeking race to the bottom on price types of leads) then you have the beginnings of the basis for a valuation.
    Eg, @ 30 leads per month x an industry average closing rate x average profit per job = x profit per month/year.

    Eg, 30 x 50% x $1.5K = $22.5k extra GP per month/$258.75k per year – seems pretty valuable.

    Your other options get progressively harder.

    I would like to have a chat to pass on some ideas (not for payment) if you are interested.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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