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    I started a publishing consultancy business Publish on Demand to help organisations RETHINK THEIR PRINT. Having worked in print media for many years, I understand the time and cost involved in print, which is why I want to help organisations save money while keeping quality at a high standard.

    Whilst it hasn’t been the best time to start a business, my thinking is things can only get better.

    I transform magazines, journals, catalogues, promotional collateral into a rich, interactive experience by converting PDF’s into flipbooks or reflowable, responsive mobile-friendly digital versions. There is a heap of benefits and savings by going digital or even partly digital as print may not always be the best option.

    But if it is? I offer a fee-free broker service to find the best printer for my client’s needs. There is a printer for every type of job because one size doesn’t fit all. With access to printers all over Australia, I source the one that works best and keep costs to a minimum.

    I’ve mainly been focussed on non-profits and their magazines so far. As it’s in my wheelhouse, having worked for in the non-profit space for many years. I’m now looking at other areas and have started branching out looking at content development, another part of the publishing puzzle.

    Really enjoying the forum and the sharing of knowledge, so helpful when you are starting out in such crazy times!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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