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    Hi Flying Solo,

    I’m a BA (Multimedia) graduate, my major areas being editing, publishing and web design. I can design in Photoshop, as well as write HTML and CSS. I am currently unemployed.

    I originally had dreams of becoming a web designer/developer within a studio, but I want to start with something not so “heavy”. I don’t want to freelance, because I want money to come in regularly.

    So I am currently looking for a job as an in-house (or from home?) web content writer/publisher for a small business. I was thinking of something like writing and posting product descriptions in an online store, editing photos, and setting up page templates in HTML/CSS. I’ve worked with CMSs and sold many things on eBay, so it should be a breeze for me.

    I’m looking at perhaps startup simple design work, then ongoing part-time work editing and publishing pages/products on the website.

    I could probably run the entire store myself, but I don’t have any place to keep stock… Nor do I know what type of items I want to sell.

    Any help or points in the right direction would be appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome to Flying Solo!

    Congratulations on your recent graduation! No doubt you are really keen to get down to work now and applying all you have learnt.

    What about doing some part-time work for a boss just to get some cash coming in consistently, and then doing some freelance work on the side? I know you said freelancing isn’t ideal for you, because the income is sporadic, but by doing something part-time for a design firm, you can get some cash coming in while you build your portfolio.

    You could contact some firms that you would like to work for, offering your services. By doing this as well, you may even be able to negotiate terms that allow you to work from home.

    Just a few thoughts!

    Cheers and happy weekend!
    Ange :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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