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    Joe n Mel n Kids
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    Hi all, i will introduce myself as a “remote” business manager and as other that do business in remote areas know it is a big challange ….
    We manage a roadhouse in Doomadgee Nt QLD, a remote aboriginal community and when we started it was in a very poor condition as far as “managment” goes, it had NO stock other than fuel, financial system was a mess and very poor to NO records kept ….. so not to bore you guys we started 14 dec last year and it had at the time around ten grand a week T/O, after a HUGH wet season with no freight for 6 weeks we now are up to av forty grand a week and growing …..
    So hi everybody, i will be asking all sorts of questions so please bear with me
    Cheers, Joe

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    Hi Joe N Mel n Kids,

    Welcome to Flying Solo :-)

    Hope we can make your visits here very pleasing and informative to set you out making good business.


    Warren Cottis
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    It’s a pleasure to meet you and congratulations on your achievements

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    Hi Joe, hi Mel,

    It’s great to have you here, and thanks for sharing your story with us. I bet you deal with some huge challenges on a regular basis, and I’m looking forward to hearing all about them!

    Best wishes,

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    Hi Joe,

    Sounds like a great adventure. Welcome, I am looking forward to more stories about your roadhouse.


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    Gday Mate .. good to see you here .. if I can help please let me know.

    ALways looking to help a fellow FS ist

    Cheers ..Bruce

    Joe n Mel n Kids
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    for those interested we have a page on “facebook” if you are on it, look it up under “Doomadgee Roadhouse”, we have some piccys and a few “up-dates”, need to catch up a bit with some more pics but i would have to say YES it is a big challeng at times and a challeng is fun to me ……
    I dont know about you guys but one thing i have learnt is absolute honesty, with yourself and with those you deal with, with yourself if you screw up them blame yourself and fix it, dont dream something “may” work, if the slightest doubt then listen to ya “doubts” and fix them …… like going to the bank for a loan and they say it may not work, listen to them, believe them and go home and find out exactly why, fix it and go back, if you cant see why it wont work then it most probally wont work and you fail …. for me failure aint an option ……..
    And thanks for the replys, looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from you all..

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