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    This is Teone,
    I have been reading for a while and I feel like now it’s time to interacting a bit with you guys :D

    I am a travel agent, chef, musician, entrepreneur…mmm, actually I am not sure what I am but I love it anyway :)

    I am from Italy, I have been in Australia for 5 years and I’m located in Adelaide.
    Love music, food, entrepreneurship, dogs, planning and to do lists and reading “boring” stuff like The Unprofessional, The E myth, the $100 startup, the lean startup etc etc

    I work part time at the moment and in my “spare” time I am fully committed to my side projects which are (1) an online travel agency and (2) organizing a tour that will take off next February here in Adelaide. Plenty of ideas and willingness thank God, all I need is just some beautiful inspiring people like you to surround me :)

    Sorry for my poor English, I swear I can do better than this, but the whole point is to relax and have a nice conversation right?

    Pleasure to be here guys!

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    Hi there Teone,

    It’s nice to meet you – thank you for introducing yourself and your businesses to us all.

    I hope you enjoy being part of the forum community, and that hanging out with us here helps you take your businesses to the next level.

    Thanks for joining us :)

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    Ciao Teone, come stai?

    Welcome aboard to flying solo!
    I wish you all the best in your new venture. :)

    Can you tell us more about the trip you are planning?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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