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    Hi Team.

    It was by pure luck I came across this wonderful site, I am like a child in a candy shop right now.

    Okay getting down to the nitty gritty. By trade (started at the ripe age of 15) I am a Cabinetmaker/Carpenter very soon after I finished my apprenticeship I started up my own business, which was great but being a young Luke Skywalker I wanted to travel and learn new things which I did and unlike my backpacker mates who were pouring pints for 2 Pounds in London, I was on the tools making great money at the age of 23.

    Now after many pints and a couple of years of itchy feet, I returned to Perth to get back on the tools and at a blink of an eye, I was married, a baby daughter (who is 19 now) and a new born on on the way. It was at this time I decided to move away from my own business and take up a tour of duty with the WA Police as a copper. Now all tradies know “one never leaves the tools, even if you want to” So there I was running my business on the side, and enjoyed the play money it brought in.

    I now work full time with the WA Government as a regulator, but you guessed it I am still on the tools. It was about 2 years ago I came across an importer here in Perth of Flat Pack Kitchens. Now I was the first one to say back in the day Flat Pack Kitchens from china was really below the standard we see here in Oz. That said, would you believe me if I say the gear which comes out now is as good as what we get here for a fraction of the price. So that got me thinking. Is it possible for me to bring in this product, as I have itchy feet again and the need to do something new is on the cards.

    So where am I at the moment you ask. I am hoping to make a trip to China in the near future, but before that I need to establish a funky web page, a funky trading name. I am hoping to land my first container within 6 months. But there is still a lot to learn re duty, GST, the list just keeps going. So thank you for reading my long winded rushed history of “Mark D’Costa” Hope I did not put you all to sleep. lol.

    Looking forward to the new venture.

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    Hi Mark,

    It’s great to meet you! Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing some of your story with us.

    If you haven’t already spotted it, you might like to check out this recent forum thread, and perhaps connect with the other folk chatting on it.

    Best of luck, and I will look forward to the updates to your story as they happen.


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    Welcome Mark :)

    It sounds like you have some pretty exciting times ahead! Be sure to keep us all updated.


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