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    Has anyone had any experience with hiring someone through a job active provider? they are a lot of employer benefits on offer but I’m concerned about someone who has been on the dole for a long time, or if people will just show up to the interview just to fulfil some requirements and they wont be any motivation there.

    MD Clean
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    Hi Jo,

    I was in the industry for 20+ years.

    The short answer is that the greater the incentives on offer, the greater the barriers to employment the candidates they will send you have.

    Each person is different so it is very important to have a criteria for selection that you are very clear on and do not waver from.

    Some of my basics are:

    • Strong work ethic
    • Solid work history
    • Takes pride in work and important for the person to do a good job
    • Wants to learn
    • Happy person in life

    Good luck

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    The problem often lies with the job agencies appointed by Centrelink. I know this from experience. About two years after taking a redundancy, I went first on Austudy and then Newstart. After changing to Newstart, I was appointed to an agency. At my first appointment, they requested that I email three documents. I did. I asked for confirmation that they received them, but to this day have still received no reply despite asking multiple times. I was getting only a few hours’ notice of appointments. I’d get an email around 9pm “reminding” me that I had an appointment the next morning, without ever receiving an initial notice of the appointment. I raised this with them at the first appointment and the response was “you’re not officially on the books yet so we don’t have to send you letters”. The entire time, I was covered by medical certificates as I’d had a very serious accident, couldn’t work, and it took months to be able to walk efficiently again, so they shouldn’t have been making appointments for me anyway. I never did get “on the books” so they never sent me proper notice.

    My point is, they don’t do anything helpful for the person on Newstart, who then gets increasingly demoralised. What they do is try to take credit when someone gets a job, even when they have had absolutely nothing to do with it. My son found his own job after being on Newstart for a few months. They tried to get details so they could claim a fee from the government. He refused to give them the information a) because they had nothing to do with his employment and b) because he didn’t need the stigma of them contacting his employers with demands for information.

    There are government employment incentives that do not involve Job Active and I would look to them first. These include apprenticeship schemes and also payments for employing people over 50.

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