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    Hi all, I own a dance school that provides low cost classes to the community, being low cost, I am finding it hard to keep up with running costs.
    I rent the local town hall for over $300 a week, which may not sound like much but as it is a small town, and the classes are pretty cheap (very low income area) I seriously cannot afford this. I am finding I am often having to dip into my savings to cover costs.
    As a result I am thinking about putting a large grannyflat type thing on my property in which to run classes from. I have a large yard so it would easily fit, and I am happy to dig into the savings because it would pay for itself in 2 years (I have been quoted $20,000 start to finish, including electricity, flooring, insulation, walls, ceiling, slab, mirror walls etc etc etc…) however I want to know about the legal side of it.

    Here are some facts that may help;
    All my classes are ‘drop off’ so the parents drop the kids off and leave, then come back to pick them up.
    I have neighbours but am planning to soundproof.
    The studio would have its own access without having to use my home.
    I employ just one other person.
    I run about 40 classes a week, from ages 2 years to adults.
    All classes are finished by 8:30pm Monday-Friday and by 3pm Saturday.
    The ‘studio’ would have access to a bathroom which is located in my home, in the laundry, so it would be about 3M from the studio door.

    I can’t think of any other info that would help, but if anyone has any ideas about if this would work or if council would just totally blow me off, please let me know!

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    I think the best thing you can do is to just get in contact with the council. Most of them are quite willing to work with you and help you understand what you can and can’t do.

    Probably worth having a chat to your neighbour’s too as having them onside will probably help – and at the very least stop them from shutting you down with a complaint once you’re up and running because you didn’t talk to them first (some people are like that!).


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    Definitely check with your local council as the plans will have to go to them anyway, and permission sought from neighbours either side and behind (if applicable). With many councils there also needs to be wheelchair access including to a bathroom. That access could be for a parent, not necessarily a student in your case.

    Due to security and liability issues, you should also have a bathroom (big enough to be wheelchair accessible which is part of building laws) directly part of the building anyway – no-one should be in your home and you should not be alone with any student for your own protection. That may sound silly, but this is an example: a teacher must talk to a student in an area where you can be seen even if it’s glass doors and windows. It must be transparent. And you can’t leave a class of young ones and take a child to the bathroom in your house. These are just things to consider.

    You should also have a dressing room and also a viewing room if possible, which would link to both the bathroom and the hall. Air conditioning for heating and cooling as well.

    eg Best scenario example: entrance would be into viewing area with glass window and door to hall. Viewing waiting area (doubles as office) would have door into change room which would have door to adjacent bathroom.

    You will also need separate business insurance to your house and contents which won’t cover a business used area. And professional liability. All of these add to your costs but are necessary. Plus security lights for walking down driveway to the building etc.

    Hope that helps your list of ‘to do’. They are just my thoughts from observation and experience of similar situations with others.

    All the best.

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    You can also use a government tool at https://ablis.business.gov.au/ – this allows you to search by location/business type etc and will help identify the different permits and registrations you might need.

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    Yes, check with your local council as has been mentioned.

    With around 40 classes per week, unless you are in a semi industrial area already my feeling is it wouldn’t be acceptable.
    Traffic and parking are some of the main considerations. Even if it’s only drop off/pick up – 40 classes per week x class size x 2 (drop off and pickup) that is a huge amount of traffic per day.

    I assume you currently rent the hall from the council? If so, I would suggest you go to the council and ask if the rent can be lowered? Explain the money just isn’t in the business to sustain the rent. Also mention what a huge positive impact you are having on the community. Maybe they have a different room you could utilise. If that doesn’t lead anywhere – explain to a few parents the situation and ask if they would be willing to pay an extra $1 per class to keep the program running. At 40 classes per week this alone should pay the rent.

    Secondly, $20,000 for what I assume would be a rather large room sounds very very cheap. Before going too far down this path I would get a second quote. Council costs would alone probably be over $1,000.

    Thirdly, If you can go ahead with building, what would you do with the room if/when the dancing finished? Not all development on a house block adds value to your home. If you eventually wanted to sell I imagine not many people would want a house with a huge hall out the back? – Just something to think about.

    Good luck

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